Waiting with a million feelings


None of which feel good. Who wants to “finally” be labeled?
CRAP! I have enough “labels” for me.
Aspbergers,ADHD,PTSD,Nonverbal LD’s, assuredly a ton of depression.
Cheese And Rice! I know I’m diabetic… I dont know what my type is. I have enough
information to know that I am. That is all.
I feel like a small child. scared. what is happening to me? have i hurt myself by my choices? have i helped myself at all? will i live long? ( i dont care what anyone says. they all must suredly ask these questions.) is it really best to accept medication and mask this dis-ease?( i know it can be masked for 30 or more years of life.)
I know that I am loved by my family and my husband. ( all but one child. currently away from home.reason for much ptsd for the whole family.)
I will soon know about this military health insurance. Still, the problem remains. Once he deactivates… how do we continue paying the bills that will surely follow? we cannot afford it now. i dont want to make this choice and further destroy our finances. i do want health.
i have nothing but fear and tears.
i feel that no dr will listen to what i have learned about my own body with food.
(ugly sarcastic LOL!!!) "they will assimilate me.) nothing more… nothing less.
how human will i be? how much will “i” be taken into consideration? who cares?


Some diabetes medications aren’t all that expensive, and they’re certainly cheaper than a trip to the emergency room. Amy at www.diabetesmine.com posted about medication for type 2 today. She mentions that one of the best performing drugs only costs $100 a year. So the cost might not be that bad. Don’t forget, you’re allowed to ask the doctor to consider the cost when he’s deciding on a medicine.

Good luck with the doctor.