We can rebuild him but not as we know it Jimd

Apart from the aches pains cramps pain in the chest throbing toes taking ages to relieve myself (prostrate)feeling low blurred vision,sweating day and night arthritus in my joints I am as fit as a fiddle I wonder where that saying came from,our bodies have so much to put up with some of us treat it like a dustbin shoving fast foods in it smoking like a chimney gave it up in 2004 but the damange already done thought of excersising as being putting my trousers on each day getting in the car sitting at my desk letting all thoughts of heart attack diabetes and all the other ills and wose as not affecting me is the sort of false confidence that can let you wake up one morning unable to tie your own shoe laces nave velcrow fittings now my grandson has the same sort of shoes and often fastens mine for me,and says there grandad you take it easy and he is only 3 years old the messgae I am bleating about is take a look at yourself in the mirrow and say is this the body which is like a temple or in my case like a wheeeeeely bin.
Not for me to tell anyone what to do I do not even listen to my own advice or advice from folks far more knowledgable than me,who do I blame for that my partents my environment my peers God well in my case anyone but myself,forgot to blame my genes and not the Levi one’s what I miss is chasing the babes playing hide and seek and all those wonderful grand children like to do with there granpa I try but let’s be honest the pain and breathlessness is no reward for seeing an Angelic face smile back at you,on the positive side I am still here waking up to a new dawn new start like to leave my body to science but let’s face it who would want a run down rusty thing like mine.

Still dark and overcast here news reports say really siberian weather on the way wish they had left the wall up and kept it in Russia