Great Pump Pouch!

Are you having trouble finding a great holder for wearing your pump ? Belt Clips just don’t work ?

I would like to put out the word for those that are looking for a great pouch to hold their pump, both children and adults.

Consider the fabric pouch from Grandmas Hands”.

Check them out at Grandma Hands (link)

I receintly ordered them in a non discrete Black color and a custom length belt it fits in great with my suit and formal wear. The many standard colored fabrioc pouchs are great as well. Many Choices.

They also offer belts in standard and special sizes. This worked great for me as I was having a problem in wearing my pump at night in that I do not wear much clothing (too much info !)

Prices are more then reasonable ! Great Pouch , Great Value !
4731-bluesparklepumppouch.JPG (951 KB)
4732-lightbluebeltwhitebuckle.JPG (245 KB)

This website seems to be for children, but you said you ordered a custom length belt? Did you email them and ask them to make you the belt? I wear a Spibelt for my Dexcom CGM, I wear it all the time, the stretchy ones on the Grandmas Hands website look very similar to the Spibelt. I use the OmniPod pump, but carry the PDM in my purse. If I got a Grandma’s Hands pouch I could probably put both on the belt, but the extra bulkiness would probably give me more bulk on my stomach, and I already have enough fat there. But it would be nice to have the PDM handy all the time.

Yes I emailed them and asked for a all Black Pouch as well as a belt for 48 inch waist. They had no problem making it.

Email Address is Grandma’s Hands []

The pouch is much smaller and lighter then a Spibelt pouch. I would describe to her what you are carrying and see their recommendations.

Wallskev, I have basically the same thing I get from insulinpumppacksforyou They are pretty much for MM pumps however. I have three. You can buy them with a belt or without and if you want something in a fabric she doesn’t have, you can supply and she will make it for you custom.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.