Weight Lifting and taking supplements and getting ketones

I’ve been on a pretty strict weight lifting routine now for about 2-3 months now. This morning I woke up and found out my blood sugar was 300+ and rising instead of falling. I figured out I had ketones and was just figuring out why that was? Any suggestions or comments.

I also wondered if anyone had any experience with taking any weight lifting supplements and any results, kind of scared with being diabetic and messing around with certain things, I would love any advice. Thanks

Hi Terry,
My son is in to serious body building. What kind of supplements are you taking? He is a type 1 also and used to use creatine. He now uses fats for energy and consumes good amounts of protein. He also uses a low carb, Eas brand whey protein powder to supplement his meals. One of the things you want to do is make sure you hydrate very well. He refuses to write or join a group, but I can ask him questions for you if you want. I am a type 1.5 and he helps me with my workouts too.

Well thank you, I’ve been taking whey protein (5 Grams carb) for about 3 months now and then added creatine (0 carb) about a week ago along with NO-Xplode (7 Grams carb), which helps with energy and more weight along with muscle growth. I’m just wondering if any of these things are hazardous to my diabetes. Yesterday I woke up over 300 and realized I had ketones 2nd time in ten+ years. At first I didn’t know why but I believe its because I didn’t have enough glucose for the amount of insulin I was taking my body kind of caught up with me. Another reason is not enough water I know I need it I just seem to forget about it, but i’m working on it. Any suggestions or concerns please let me know and thank you very much for your reply.

Hi Terry,
It seems I made an error in my answer to you. My son is not using the protein supplements any more. I talked to him tonight and he said the creatine was good. He also asked if you are serious about the body building. Rather than me relay messages about things I don’t understand he said it would be better for him to answer your questions. I do not have his permission to post his e-mail address on here, but I can give you mine and if you e-mail me I can give you his. Mine is katsan1733@yahoo.com He would be a far better help to you Terry than I could be. But I warn you ahead of time that he is very serious about his workouts and his diabetes and very strict about controlling them both. Just let me know.

If you have ketones, it’s because you don’t have enough insulin in your system - not the other way around. You wrote that you didn’t have enough glucose and too much insulin. If this was true, you would have had low blood sugar, not high blood sugar. When you don’t have insulin, your cells can’t use the sugar in your system (which is why your blood sugar is usually high, the sugar is just sitting there) and your cells have to break down fat instead. That’s what causes ketones. It most likely has nothing to do with your weight lifting. Most people who exercise and burn fat create a little bit of ketones, but the fact you take insulin cancels most of it out and it will never make you sick. Hope that helps!

Hey Terry,
Sometimes after a long workout if I’m not drinking enough water I will run small ketones with a normal BG. But if they’re accompanied by a high BG that usually means not enough insulin. Are you on a pump, and if so do you suspend it when you work out? I find I always end up w/ ketones if I do that.