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Wow! Good for you Rebecca!! I’d love to join you in losing 10!. I’m also at 21pts. I get about 4-7 activity pts 3-4x week. Thinking maybe everyday is a good goal for activity points too. I’ve been in a hard plateau for some time… so maybe more activity could help me get off it.


21-points is the number here, huh? Me too! I am 11 lbs lighter, but have definitely reached a plateau. Exercise is likely where I need to step up. I’m hopeful to lose more, not sure the ultimate goal, but I’m with ya!


I must hide my scale during the week. My old habit of weighing every day bugs me like a nutty person. I weighed today … after feeling preety good about the week so far… and I’m up +1 lb. My weigh-in day is Saturday and I just need to learn to walk around that damn thing and be patient. On Saturday I have to know “It is what it is” and that’s it!


I just wanted to introduce myself. I started weight watchers (again) a couple of days ago, at which time I was combing the internet for weight watchers diabetes information/recipes and came across this group/site. Of course I HAD to join and I am so glad that I did :slight_smile: I am doing a combination of weight watchers concepts (& recipes) and Dr. Neal Bernard concepts (& recipes). My goal is 25-30 pounds in 3 months. I am excited at the prospect of what the information, support and resources this site and group is going to offer me to reach my goal. My ultimate goal is getting off of ALL of my medication and I won’t stop until it happens. I am going to prove my medical team wrong and prove myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I will be chronicling my daily food intake (I’m doing points), exercise, daily BS readings/per meal and any additional information that will aid me in fine tuning my activities until I get it right. I welcome input :slight_smile:
Thanks for being here everyone!!


Hi Queen of Light and Joy. Welcome. I’m glad you are incorporating Dr. Barnard’s beliefs. Are you a vegetarian or vegan by chance? I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years, but being a vegan is just too strict for me. I actually just started eating chicken for some weird reason. Anyway, I have now lost 10 lbs. on WW. IT’s taken a while since I keep backtracking. I always seem to find a way to undue my successes. So I am back to my lowest weight in 3 years and and now attempting to lose the remaining 6-8 lbs that I’d like to lose to meet my “ultimate goal”. So far today has been great, staying within my points, making healthy choices with “real food”, and getting in my activity.

By the way, I am a T1 so I am on an insulin pump. I can say this, if losing weight would be the factor in me becoming a non-diabetic again I would do it! No matter what. I have complications already and would love to not have to fear of the developing more.

I have to take it one day at a time. But I’m soooo close to that size 6… I can almost taste it… like a 2 point WW ice cream bar!

Good luck. Take care. Rebecca


@Rebecca: I have been on again off again vegan or vegetarian since I was 10 years old (except for some wild meat [when the mood hits] which for some reason I don’t think of as “meat”). For the most part, I find that not eating meat makes me feel lighter, better, and focused. When I found Dr. Bernard I just kicked it WAAAAAAY UP with the beans! ha ha I found his recipes not hard to follow at all. Although, the steam/water cooking was new, it wasn’t difficult. The 1st week of eating his way I lost 17 pounds. I’m pretty sure that was ALL poop. ha ha The second week I lost 12 pounds and the following 8 until it balanced out to 2 pounds a week (I think I spent a lot of time on the toilette ha ha). His recipes are great ( and sooooooooo low in points!!), but eating healthy and good isn’t new to me either, so cooking with so many herbs and whole foods was easy. And to make his recipes even better I took out the fake vegan food he was recommending. That stuff has some weird ingredients in it and crazy salt.

I have a LONG way to go with my weight loss. I am looking at losing at least 100 pounds (gawd did I just use my outside voice to say that ha ha). I am 6’2 and wear my “extra” weight oh too well that everyone around me has become complacent with it; saying things like “you’d be too skinny if you lost any weight.” But to be frank (does anyone use that word any more), I don’t care about anyone else and their comfort levels with my weight. My health is affected, and therefore my quality of life. And I have control over my health.

I was thinking about posting some of Neal’s recipes up here (low in points), like his sweet potato soup. drool one of my favzies!


Queen of light and joy… You are an inspiration. You sound very positive and I’m sure you’ll make your goal weight. Really- 17 lbs. in one week? Ouch, I get stomach cramps just thinking about pooping all that out. HA! I just got Dr.Bernard’s book again from the library. I will look p the soup recipie that you mentioned. I have also been experimenting with roating vegestables, like onions and cauliflower. Can I say DEL-IC-IOUS? Fills you up too.

Keep me informed. I wish you tons of luck. Get to walking…if you haven’t already started. It will help boost your metabolism. I think it helped mine.

Take care, Rebecca


Hello! I am a newbie to this website and to Weight Watchers. I’m starting the WW tomorrow. I’ve already made the Vegetable Soup which is so low in carbs! How is everyone doing?


How do you keep track of all the Math. Points, Carbs Ratios. Just started. I’m trying to take control. Any suggestions.


@Dargirl, I find that the Weight Watcher app helps me, as well as info on Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone (www.dwlz.com) when it’s accurate. Since I’m already looking up points plus values, I’ll see the carb count right there and realize my estimates were slightly off. I feel like it helps me count carbs more accurately. Then again, I don’t log my carbs - I just dose for them at the time and log my points.


I just started WW again this week and have not done so great…went over my weekly points a bit with girls night last night! But I definitely think it helps me pay more attention to my food intake and I get the carb counts straight from the website. How are you guys doing??

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I’ve lost 20 pounds since beg of March wooooohoooo :slight_smile:


Just joined WW for the second time 2 weeks ago. I have already lost four lbs. I am more amazed about how great my BG levels have been with WW than anything else. I think WW is great for diabetics because it forces you to count!

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Amanda, I agree with how it keeps your BG levels in good control…


I fell off the WW bandwagon this week and I need to jump back on! Advice?


Amanda, so did I but don’t give up completely. If you’re on the WW website they have alot of support groups you can post questions and comments and articles you can read to stay on track. Don’t beat yourself up about it because it’s natural for that to happen just stay focused!


I am a WW member, but am not working the program… I AM working on getting my BS under control… and that usually causes me to gain weight. Any suggestion on how to navigate WW and Diabetes at the same time?


Hello fellow Weight Watchers friends. I was thinking that it would be really nice if WW would provide a total carb count for each meal in their apps, so that we wouldn’t have to track twice. If we could get enough people to suggest this, maybe we could convince them. If you also feel strongly about this, please send them an email.

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Rejoined WW after a 2 year absence. It has helped me get better control of my BS numbers and feel better in general. Not a carb counter, but I can tell that I am consuming way less than I used to.


Hello, is this an active group? Just checking to see if I’m missing recent posts. I ask because I just joined ww (again) and while googling ww and diabetics I came across this site.
I see a lot of benefits to ww but wondering how others are working with the tracking …are you tracking carbs on your own? Would love some feedback on how you’ve made ww work for you …thanks.