Welcome Fall

Our season is changing,terrible heat and rain all summer. We also did a trip to Alaska in July. I, re-evaluate my plan of care as weather gets cooler. Fall is my favorite time of year . But I need to keep foods / carbs in proper meal plan. As I struggle with making sure I eat my 30 carbs at meals. I do like to exercise so that is good. Do you have any changes to your plan as weather changes? Nancy 50

Good for you, being aware of your daily habits and the overall effects on your health. The change of seasons is a natural milestone to take stock.

I like to think about my eating, sleep, exercise too. I recently started lifting weights every other day and I’ve been pretty good about keeping that going. Red light therapy is new to me this year and I try do that 3-4 times per week. Using my rowing machine is another habit that I need to keep up but that is more of a struggle!

What is red light therapy? Never heard of it. Nancy 50

You can google “red light therapy” for additional description. Red light and near infra-red light apparently has positive effects on cellular mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are cellular organelles that are central to energy or ATP production.

I use a panel comprised of 300 LEDs that emit red and near-infrared light. It measures about 10" by 40" and hangs on an adjustable pulley from my bathroom door. I believe it enhances my health and energy levels.

Very interesting,thanks for explaining.

Nancy Matulis

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