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I’ve been testing my BG level for 30 years and abhor finger sticks. Many years ago I switched to the FreeStyle Lite meters because they allow you to prick your forearm instead of your fingertips. I highly recommend this brand of meters if you are adverse to finger pricks because it is pain free. Whereas I used to avoid testing I don’t hesitate now by testing with minute droplets from my forearms. You might check it out. I have no affiliation to the company that sells Freestyle meters just trying to help. Unfortunately, you might find your insurance does not cover the test strips but if you search online you can find discount coupons to get them relatively inexpensively. Best of Luck.


Thank you for your comments. I’m not adverse to finger pricks at all, my struggle was the number of pricks I needed to do to establish patterns that I get so easily now with my Freestyle Libre. I have 3 glucose monitors (if you count the Freestyle Libre reader which also accepts test strips for blood glucose testing).

The Libre gives me continual feedback that finger pricks alone were not able to. :slight_smile:


I thought I would come back and update my original post. At the time I was about a week away from getting my 2nd A1C results (six months after diagnosis). My A1C came back at 6.4. The Glimp app that I use in conjunction with my Freestyle Libre was pretty spot on, on its prediction (more accurate than the Freestyle Libre itself).

So - I guess I’m technically in the pre-diabetes range, but not stopping there. I will continue my journey to better health and continue to work to drive my A1C down even further.

Every day is a gift that I don’t take lightly. Be blessed, everyone!


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Hello all. @JM13 here. Type 1 male for over 30 years. Enjoying the community of folks with the same hardship. Good to find an ear to bend and thoughtful responses.

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Welcome @JM13. Glad to have you here.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jenn and My doctor told me last night that I am almost certainly Type 1. I will likely start insulin in the next month or 2. I started having symptoms suddenly in June after having a nasty case of the flu. I noticed that I was hungry all the time, thirsty and constantly running to the bathroom. I also have lost over 25 lbs without trying.

I am a bit scared of having to be tethered to insulin but it is better than having complications. I am somewhat pragmatic as I am a Jewelry Artisan and I need good sight and feeling in my fingers to do what I love and currently I am feeling like utter crap!

Aside from diabetes, I am in my 40’s, married to a very supportive guy and I love travel ( My last big trip was to Hong Kong and Bali! I have 2 golden retrievers names Jacob and Sophie and my husband and I are active in Canine Nosework!

Nice to meet all of you!

Cheers, Jenn


Hi! I’m Jen. I was re-diagnosed last year with adult-onset type 1. I started insulin earlier in the year and recently got a Dexcom and am discovering its wonders. I used to be on a low-carb diet but had to switch to higher-carb foods because of my stomach issues, so am struggling with highs and lows. Thanksgiving and today were especially rough. Glad to be here!



Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I was was diagnosed with T1DM 30+ years ago. I have been through a lot but have also learned a lot. My first wake up call was when I suffered with neuropathy (edited, not nephrology) in my teens. The pain was unbearable so I began to take care of myself. I haven’t seen an A1c of 7 since then…go figure! The price that I paid was the many episodes of hypo seizures. Later came the realization that I am sensitive to insulin, and yet sometimes resistance sets in.

After using MDIs for years, I finally decided to try the pump. I’m currently using an Omnipod and I am okay with it. Currently using Dexcom G5 and that has been extremely helpful. My last A1c was 5.4 but it’s a daily challenge as most of you know. I’m so thankful for this community and I’m hoping to share and learn some more on this forum! :smiley:


Hi @JenA, Yours is not an unusual story, a large number of adults with type 1 were initially diagnosed T2. We are glad you have gotten the correct diagnosis and we are glad you are here,


Hi @MichelleM, We are glad you are here, we are also hoping to share and learn from you.


Thank you!


Hi, I’m Michael been a type 2 since 1997, I am currently using Humalog and an insulin pump. Last a1c 6.2.


Hi Michael40. Welcome, we hope you will enjoy this forum.


Hi all! I’m John, a Type 1 diabetic for 40 years. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to join this group but I’m looking forward to learning from all the experience here and hopefully can share a thing or two.

I currently use a Tandem pump with Humalog for my basal insulin and a combination of Afrezza and Humalog injections for meal boluses. I also use a Dexcom G6 CGM. I’ve followed a low carb diet (Dr. Bernstein inspired) for a long time but have recently had the liberty to experiment with more carbs thanks to Afrezza. Though I’ve been struggling with getting the dosing just right, especially with meals with a lot of protein and/or fat.

Anyhow, looking forward to some interesting discussions.




Welcome to TuD John. If you have any specific questions it would be best if you posted them in the forum. Several people here use Afrezza and would be able to help you.


Hi @johnfk, That’s an interesting way to do Humalog, as basal in a pump and as injection for boluses, why not do both basal and bolus Humalog with your pump?

I do hope to hear more about you Afrezza experiences, welcome to the community


Thank you, will do!


Thanks @Stemwinder_Gary. To answer your question, I find bolusing with the pump too unpredictable for me. E.g., sometimes a 5u bolus acts more like 3u, especially after the infusion set site is a few days old. I don’t have that problem with good ole syringes which I can use all over my body.

As for basal, I’ve found nothing beats the pump for handling the dawn phenomenon and for matching changes in basal needs during the day.

I’m happy to share experiences with Afrezza. If you have specific questions let me know.