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Me too! Although it’s on my son’s behalf. Looking forward to you being more active as well!


Hi @Sylvie3. Welcome. For the information you are seeking I would look in these categories:

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Hi I’m Jesse. 43 year old man. Father of two awesome and terrific girls. One child was just recently diagnosed with type 1 very early so she still has much functioning going on with her pancreas and insulin. But her hormone levels the gaba and the others all were very high and she is type 1. I have been a type 1 diabetic since 13 years old. No one in my family before had diabetes. When I was diagnosed my blood sugar was 800. I think I spent about 2 weeks in the hospital. I almost died. I was heavy for that age. Around 140 lbs. I lost 35 lbs before I was diagnosed. It’s nice to meet ya.


Hello All!
My name is Gia and I’m in the diabetes capital of the United States, Mississippi. I became the proud new owner of my diabetes about 6 confusing months ago. All jokes aside …it’s confusing, inconvenient, and down right scary! I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can and Thank you for letting me eavesdrop on how you manage and what I can expect.


Aloha all,
I’m Jasmine, and I have found this site from a MSN article on Diabetes t1d and t2d today. My daughter is almost 9, she was diagnosed at age 3. Six years into this, our world has been turned upside down. Looking for support and information. I can never stop learning about diabetes if it will benefit my daughter. She has the Dexcom G6 and Minimed pump. I do correction MDI at times too when the pump somehow fails… anyway hope to get chat with some of you soon. =)


Hi, I’m Janelle. I was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2009. I was on Metformin for years until my doctor had to take me off of it and put me on Lantis. I followed a strict diet for the first three months and lost 20 lbs. Then the holidays came around and I faltered. I have been struggling ever since. I was put on Victoza just around a year ago. I am really trying eat better and stay away from the carbs, especially the sweets. Sweets are my downfall. I honestly think I have a sugar addiction. I my numbers in the morning have been very high lately and I can’t figure out why. They are high even after a VERY healthy dinner. I just want to lower my A1C and my triglycerides…I feel like a failure every morning when I check my blood sugar.


@GiaM, I wish you success with your mission, I believe we can help.


@xyli, We look forward from hearing from you also. Welcome to our community.


@jbarlow, Hi Janelle, What you have experience most of us have experienced and will most likely experience again. What matters is that we keep trying.


Thanks Gary!! I was really excited to find the group!!


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I’ve been testing my BG level for 30 years and abhor finger sticks. Many years ago I switched to the FreeStyle Lite meters because they allow you to prick your forearm instead of your fingertips. I highly recommend this brand of meters if you are adverse to finger pricks because it is pain free. Whereas I used to avoid testing I don’t hesitate now by testing with minute droplets from my forearms. You might check it out. I have no affiliation to the company that sells Freestyle meters just trying to help. Unfortunately, you might find your insurance does not cover the test strips but if you search online you can find discount coupons to get them relatively inexpensively. Best of Luck.


Thank you for your comments. I’m not adverse to finger pricks at all, my struggle was the number of pricks I needed to do to establish patterns that I get so easily now with my Freestyle Libre. I have 3 glucose monitors (if you count the Freestyle Libre reader which also accepts test strips for blood glucose testing).

The Libre gives me continual feedback that finger pricks alone were not able to. :slight_smile:


I thought I would come back and update my original post. At the time I was about a week away from getting my 2nd A1C results (six months after diagnosis). My A1C came back at 6.4. The Glimp app that I use in conjunction with my Freestyle Libre was pretty spot on, on its prediction (more accurate than the Freestyle Libre itself).

So - I guess I’m technically in the pre-diabetes range, but not stopping there. I will continue my journey to better health and continue to work to drive my A1C down even further.

Every day is a gift that I don’t take lightly. Be blessed, everyone!


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Hello all. @JM13 here. Type 1 male for over 30 years. Enjoying the community of folks with the same hardship. Good to find an ear to bend and thoughtful responses.

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Welcome @JM13. Glad to have you here.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jenn and My doctor told me last night that I am almost certainly Type 1. I will likely start insulin in the next month or 2. I started having symptoms suddenly in June after having a nasty case of the flu. I noticed that I was hungry all the time, thirsty and constantly running to the bathroom. I also have lost over 25 lbs without trying.

I am a bit scared of having to be tethered to insulin but it is better than having complications. I am somewhat pragmatic as I am a Jewelry Artisan and I need good sight and feeling in my fingers to do what I love and currently I am feeling like utter crap!

Aside from diabetes, I am in my 40’s, married to a very supportive guy and I love travel ( My last big trip was to Hong Kong and Bali! I have 2 golden retrievers names Jacob and Sophie and my husband and I are active in Canine Nosework!

Nice to meet all of you!

Cheers, Jenn


Hi! I’m Jen. I was re-diagnosed last year with adult-onset type 1. I started insulin earlier in the year and recently got a Dexcom and am discovering its wonders. I used to be on a low-carb diet but had to switch to higher-carb foods because of my stomach issues, so am struggling with highs and lows. Thanksgiving and today were especially rough. Glad to be here!