Welcome to A Dogs Life!

Hi There … I’m Joanne, a T1 for over 53 years … and a ridiculous dog lover. Can’t help myself. I can be in the middle of going to a restaurant with my husband … and if someone walking by has a dog, I MUST SAY HELLO!!!

I’d like to introduce you to my 2 furry children.

Hey Buddy is our Westie (West Highland Scottish Terrier), whose middle name is I’m Busy. He’s a total gentlemen, a great empath and I’m sure he is a very old soul. He feels deeply, loves going wherever I’m going, loves to stand by my husband’s side during gardening chores. He greets everyone with unbridled enthusiasm and love. And he will instantly bring a toy to any guest who comes to the house.

Bon Bon is our Lhasa Apso … a VERY sweet child who, I’m sure, is NOT an old soul. She responded to COME only when she thinks about it first. Lhasas were raised as Tibetan palace guards and she is happiest when in the middle of the bed, looking out to the garden. She LOVES tummy rubs and larger dogs!

Please feel free to jump in and share your passion for dogs, paws, wags, walks and fire hydrants!