Welcome to the TuDiabetes forum!


Welcome to the tud ! & to the club no one wants to join.


Hi Kathy! Welcome to a wonderful place! I am the new Community Manager here at TuD, so am technically in Newbie land as well! So glad to meet you! :blush:
Everyone here is so AwesomeAzing!



Me, I just love to welcome the new members to here.


Mr. Isacc2 -
Can you help me.
I would like the answers
to your 3 questions.
My name is Carb Man.
I have no idea how to use this site.
Just now I an un-able to find my one and only post
"Can You Hear Me"


Did this go through to you?


Hello CARBman!
Welcome and Yes we are here!

Do you know under which topic you posted? I can help and there are many others here who available for support!

So glad you found us!



Hi @CARBman, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: To find your posts, you can click on your username, then click on your username again when your little profile pops up, and then click on “Topics” to see all forum topics you have posted. (If you are using a mobile device like a phone with a small screen, my instructions might not work exactly as stated.)

I think the topic you are looking for might be this one:


I’m Linda, T1 coming up on 50 years (47 actually!) Family history of it. This seems like a GREAT forum. Glad I found it! Thanks!!!


@sweetiepie and we are so happy you found us! Welcome!


It is hard to express how deeply disturbed I am by not being able to post pix with my responses. I realize it may be me and my computer and how limited I, personally, am in knowing how to use all the “stuff” that can be done…

Marie told me what my husband and I already knew—don’t use pix that are too big. He always gives me “big and small” options when he scans or loads stuff in…

This used to be easier…Be well all…I am still paying attention. I just put off coming in because—well—it is too hard and frustrating and too remote and it is easier to go back and forth with beloved TuD friends on FB…Blessings all…


The picture uploading problem is a serious issue. We have been trying to track it down for months. It is intermittent. A workaround is to upload the picture to another site, like google, instagram, etc and then link to it. Not very satisfying. But I do want you to know that we hear you and care.




Hullo everyone,

This is Yuvrajsinh. I’m new to this forum.

I’ve nothing to do with diabetes, but my mother is now diabetic.

I hope, I’ll get something from this forum which I can pass it to my mother.

Thank you.


Hi friends,
I am Rachelle Cooper, a newbie to this forum. Happy to join this forum and very glad to meet you all.


Hi Rachelle, can you tell us your connection to diabetes?


Hi my name is azeb i am very happy to be here 2


I have diebedtc since i was ababy now i am growing women thanks to god iso far i have no problem 23 yers ago i was diagnose i amm sory my english it is no that good k


Marley are you there


Hi, I am new here. I am happy to be part of the forums.