Well… at least my endo is happy

First of all I want to thank all of my DOC family who thought I was worthy to win a DOC award and for gifting me with the “Blogger You’d share a Drink With” Award. Honestly, winning this category against some very deserving DOC members has been quite an honor for me. It makes me feel that I am actually having a positive effect in the DOC and I hope I can continue to live up to that. Again, thank you all and congrats to all of the other the well-deserved winners and candidates

I blogged last time about the burnout I was going thru and how I wasn’t really looking forward to my upcoming endo appointment and what I was sure was going to be an unpleasant rise in my A1c. I feared this because I felt my numbers were less than stable and I was seeing way too many highs.

It turns out I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Read the whole dang thing over a Strangely Diabetic

Diabetes is not what rules our life - though it likes to from time to time. There is more of what makes us who we are besides having diabetes - so I’m glad you felt able to open up to what’s been going on in your own personal life. I know what it is like to deal with issues of our parents health - as we’re pretty well the same in years of “youth”. My FIL has dementia, my MIL is an alcoholic - sometimes I’m not sure which is worse - with those two things to deal with - we are like you - trying our best to cope with our own lives here - and then with our parents who live 2 hours away. We do our best to help them out - and we wish could duplicate ourselves to be there. Our parents have been there for us all thru’ these years - and if you’re like me - I feel I owe them alot for having put up with me as the devil child that I was. Just know you’re not alone Scott!

Congratulations, Scott. Quite an honor! I’d share a drink or three with you anytime.

You were always a really cool dude. Always fun to talk to, even if you did tell me the things I didn’t WANT to hear, yet NEEDED to hear. I am, at times, too honest as well. Congratulations!