Well 'Ello

the name’d be brittany.

and now that all those introductions are over.

let’s talk about my week.

it sucked sucked SUCKED balls.

go to the outpatient lab to get blood tests. fasting bg=371.

visit with pediatrician. doctor is an irritable russian lady who makes a federal case about getting me to children’s hospital IMMEDIATELY.
we show up at children’s. bg=440.
of course, they freaking admit me, hook me up to an iv "-.-

dad goes moesha on some doctor because my step mother and step sister aren’t allowed to spend the night with him in my room.

they take their sweet freaking time getting me unhooked and educated so that I can freaking go home…ugh.

Rest Of My Life–
insulin, carb counting, and excersise.


But. It’s not that bad I guess.

You’ve found the right site. You will be amazed at how people are on here, I know I was. It’s wonderful =)

B - Yeah, I’d say your week more than sucked! However, with that being said, welcome to d-World, dblogville, d-everything. Your going to meet some really awesome folks and and SB05 is absolutely write, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn!

I agree with Kelly sounds like your week really sucked ! I hope you love this site & I hope you will trust us to try to help you out!! Remember we’re here for you!!!

I’m so glad you found this site! You will find lots of people in the same boat. Since you are new at this “new life”…just ask any questions…someone will have the answer. Sorry you had such a bad week…It will get better for you. Take care.