What a horrible week!

So on thursday morning I had to go to the neurologist for testing. I had to get shocks and shots into my muscles. It was...interesting..something I would not like to get done again anytime soon...but it was ok..so after that they told me theres nothing they can do about the numbness and tingling in my hand that it's something I'm just gonna have to live with..he did say it wasn't carpal tunnel or anything..so then I was supposed to get a 24 urine test and some blood work done but I got really sick on friday...by saturday I was worse and I said thats it...we need to go to the er... (which I never go to the er...ever) so it was pretty serious! (besides the fact I was supposed to work saturday and sunday and I knew they were gonna yell at me about having a dr. note or something!)
So I get to the er...and they told me I was dehydrated and had a UTI...fun fun... So heres where it gets good..I'm talking to the dr. and he's like :OH your diabetic..what type?...I tell him type 1 and he's saying: OH so you've had this since you were a child? ME: No I just got diagnosed like a year ago! DR: Oh you must mean type 2 then... I glared at him lol I was so mad..I told him: NO It's type 1 and I've had the tests to prove it's type 1! So he left after that... and to top it off the nurse was gonna get me something to drink..what does she give me?...7up ! Hello...carbs! lol It didn't bother me to much because I like the taste of regular 7up VS: diet 7up and i knew I wasn't gonna be drinking a lot of it..I guess it just worries me about other diabetics getting caffinated drinks like that... The dr. was a nice guy though he actually came back before I was to leave and wished me a happy birthday (it's on the 28th) and no one else had...I swear I had to reapeat my birthday 20 million times to verify it was me lol so now it's the 25th and I'm starting to feel better....but still kinda sick... Merry Christmas!