Well I am here and doing well

Hello all,

To give you all a little background information on me. I was diagnosed with T2 on April 4th, 2011 after allowing the disease to creep up on me. I had all the usual suspects, unexplained weight loss, thirst, excessive tiredness and frequent urination. Despite all the symptoms and a strong family history I was totally unprepared for the day that I realized that I had “it” and all that comes with it. I KNEW that I had diabetes when I zoned out for about 3 hours after eating a package of licorice. Ordered a meter from Amazon and tested the next day. FBG was 350 and blinking High at me….I made an immediate appointment to see my doctor the next week and cut the carbohydrates from my diet. I was able to use diet to get my FBG to 211 by my appointment, but my A1c was 11.2. Further blood tests revealed that my Hypothyroidism was out of control, Low vitamin D, Low Testosterone, Cholesterol of 311, all not good. I felt like I was a train headed for a massive accident. Dr. prescribed Metformin ER and Lantus, and I found a few good message boards, followed my low carb diet and learned how with my meter to control my BG.

Over the last three months I have brought my A1c to 5.6, Lost 58 pounds with about 75 more to go, Testosterone levels have hit the low range of normal, Lipids have improved to the normal range, and got my thyroid levels back in the normal range. My vitamin D is improving and we will see this week where it is at.

I come here with an open mind to learn FROM others with my disease. Quite frankly I find it hard to discuss this disease with people who don’t have it.



Hi and welcome to the right place :slight_smile: I’m new here myself.

What an accomplishment! You’re doing a fantastic job. Welcome to the family

Welcome to the community Carl! Seems your progress is doing great! Well done!

GREAT start! Congratulations for taking it seriously! :slight_smile: Do a lot of reading and ask any questions you may have, and may you have a long, healthy life! :slight_smile: