What a mess. Time to rethink

yeah… I’m thinkin again… in the wrong direction. I’m nervous. Bills to pay.
Kids need shoes and new clothes. I’ve already hit the thrift stores for winter jackets.
Shoes? Well, I was always taught not to buy used shoes. Doing it anyway. Just add
spray to kill the germs before they wear them.
If I dont see the doc; then I can buy clothes for the kids. As it is, I cant get my eyes checked and the tests to see about nerve damage will have to not happen.
My doc is cool! I like him too:) He listens and tells me lots of things that are helpful and he treats me like a human being. Not a number. He helps by giving me samples too.
I’ve got more going on than just diabetes. That other part of my life that I dont talk about is costing our whole family emotionally,mentally and financially. It’s out of my hands. We have to live with the costs. It’s hard to constantly tell my kids “no, we cant afford that.” My daughter wants a little case of needles. I broke into a piggy bank and bought them for her. That piggy bank has been sitting there for years untouched. Probably got $50. in it. It isnt a big one. I’ve got to think about two birthdays coming up. One in Oct and one in Dec. not including hubby. Then, Christmas. I hate holidays. well,maybe not. Just the expense of them. What are we supposed to celebrate anyway? I quit serving special meals years ago in favor of less stress on those days. Whatever. The kids will fight over some game or something that day no matter what.
Oh yeah… sigh… I’m rambling. anyway, still maybe for now I oughta just keep walking, eating the foods that I know are “safe.” when we can afford them. crud romaine lettuce is going thru the roof! and iceberg is like no real nutritional value.Stephen is looking at some crazy way to use our home equity and it scares me. Our finances stink. I’m not sure about wasting the doc’s time or free samples, somebody else can use them. I need the gas for the van to take the kids to their appts. ok I’ll sit here and watch everyone post about their days. I’m messed up and dont see an end to this tunnel right now. Maybe tomorrow will look brighter. Man, there has got to be a bunch of us out here in this world that are hangin by thin threads on finances…

I know the feeling all to well. I hang on by a thread as well sometimes.

Wow…I know there are a lot of us out there who can relate. It’s like you try to do everything right, but things just don’t mesh, the finances just don’t add up and you find yourself breaking open a piggy bank just to be able to afford a small thing. I’m sorry you’re feeling stressed out and down. I hope things will come around. Having to choose between good doctor care and good self-care and basic necessities like lettuce or gas in the car SUCKS–I know that all too well. Blessings and love to you and your family all the way from Taiwan. :slight_smile: