What a Week

So i’m originally from Washington State and i live in Southern California now…So yeah i had just found out Sunday afternoon that a friend of mine died Friday and then i just got a call about 30 mins ago from my sister in law saying my Nephew is in ICU and just got diagnosed with Diabetes. I feel like Crap because there is no way i can afford to fly there. Here is a Crazy fact I am super Close with my Niece and Nephew (they are my babies i have taken care of them since they were born) My nephew just turned 10 in August. I Myself was diagnosed in December of the year i turned ten…i’m really not sure how to deal with this and with the fact that i can’t be there. i’m sooo worried and he doesn’t feel up to talking to me on the phone yet (which i compleatly understand). i’m having an emotional breakdown and a completely ***** week.

wow very sorry for your troubles. as far as your nephew if you can’t make it there use technology to reach out to him as much as you can -email/tweet/text/skype. just knowing you’re out there can be a big help I would imagine. stay strong!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and your nephews loss of his OEM insulin. I’d try to reach out to him anyway. I remember how horrible I felt but I also remember some of my high school buddies visiting me in my hospital room and that it meant a lot to me that they did that at the time? I have a 12 year old and a lot of times she doesn’t feel up to talking to her parents but instantly lights up w/ her friends so he might have a similar reaction to you? Unless he thinks that he caught it from you or something, I’m not sure how I’d dodge that bullet…