What are other Deltec Cozmo users doing now?

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum, but a seasoned t1d (40+ years).

I love my Deltec Cozmo pump and just had one replaced under warantee because the backlight failed. I figure that bought me some more time to enjoy this pump before I'm forced to something else.

I'm intersted to hear from other Cozmo users (present & past) ... what pump did you choose, what Cozmo features do you miss? What new features delight you in your new pump?

One feature I like in the Deltec is that a regular bolus is delivered slowly (1min - 5 min), so I never really feel it. I liked the Animas pump when I tried it a few years go, but the delivery was SO fast, it stung each time. My TDD is low (~24/day), so my boluses aren't very big, but OWWWCH! What about MM pumps? I've never tried one. What's their delivery like for a normal bolus? (I know that extended or combination boluses can be spread out.)

As a DexCom user, I've come to enjoy the 2-hour initialization blackout and 7+ days of monitoring. That ratio of blackout-to-data is great, and I can't envision being happy with less data. What's been your experience?

Hi -

My Cozmo warranty expires in August and I'm starting to think about changing so I'm glad you started this thread. I'm a big fan of the FreeStyle strips that the Cozmo uses and I won't be a happy camper going back to One Touch.


I used a Cozmo from 2007 until 2011 when the warranty expired. I switched to a Ping, which I've been using for almost a year now.

It's funny because the slow bolus delivery on the Cozmo used to drive me CRAZY. I used to disconnect for a workout or shower and it would be so annoying having to wait for the bolus to deliver for 30 seconds before I could disconnect. With the Ping I just bolus and disconnect in two seconds.

I love the display on the Ping. I can actually read it with a magnifier. I'm visually impaired and I'm not able to read any other pump even with a magnifier. That reason alone will keep me an Animas customer unless other companies start adding high-constrast displays.

The feature I miss most on the Cozmo is definitely the site change reminders. I also liked that you could change I:C ratios in smaller increments than you can on the Ping. On the Cozmo it's also possible to change the reminders and the temporary basal rates in smaller increments than on the Ping. I miss all that. (It's kind of ironic because the Ping makes a big deal about how it has smaller basal increments than other pumps, yet every other setting is more restricted with larger increments than other pumps, or at least the Cozmo.)

Ergonomically, I much prefer the Ping. Fits much more nicely into my pocket or clipped to my belt.

I also love the meter connection to the pump. I love being able to bolus on transit or somewhere else when my pump is buried under layers of clothing and not easily accessible. I do with the meter allowed you to do a few other things, like set temporary basal rates, though.

I was using the Cozmo 1700 and never did upgrade to the 1800 (they didn't handle that very well in Canada), so I didn't get a lot of the fancy, newer features or I'm sure I'd have missed some of them.

I have never used a Cosmo, but I do use the Animas Ping and love it . The pump was life-changing for me. I do know that there is a delivery setting on the Animas. It can be set for a normal delivery or a slower one. Perhaps that will help.

I had a lot of reasons to choose the Animas Ping. As an experienced pumper, you probably don't need to hear them, but I can tell you that it has been an excellent choice for me, and is well worth the look.

I hope you will be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

Brian Wittman

My older brother had a cozmo and recently switched to an Animas Ping.

As far as the bolus, you can change the speed. It comes preset on "fast" which is like "inject all the insulin now!", but you can set it to a slower speed, so it's about half as fast, if that. I find that the slower speed doesn't hurt for me, even with large boluses. Like all the pumps, there's also a combo bolus setting, so you can spread it out for hours to deal with your food nemeses, like pizza.

I currently use a Ping, and love it, but I do have a few gripes. I know many people love their MiniMed pumps and those CGMS, but I personally don't have experience with them or the company in recent history.

I do know that Animas is supposed to come out with their next pump which is supposed to get rid of the meter remote and integrate the DexCom into the pump. Something to keep in mind with upgrades.

Thanks for all the friendly replies. Love those glasses, too, Mocha ;-) It was a few years ago when I tried the Animas and half-fast was still too fast.

It was interesting to read that Jen *hated* the sloooow delivery of the Cozmo and that's something I love. Just goes to showya!

It seems that a lot of ex-Cozmo users are now happy Animas users. I'll also go check out the forum on this topic that Cherise mentioned on my profile page.

Thank you! I love my glasses. :)

Sorry that the bolusing is still too fast! That sucks. Hopefully you'll find something that works for you.

My Cozmo warranty expired years ago but it still runs just fine. I find nothing currently on the market is much better so I'm going to just keep it until it finally quits. This way if something new finally hits the market I'm not tied into my insurance 5 year replacement policy. I'm sure something much better will be here within 5 years and I don't want to be in an insurance bind not being eligible.
I particularly like the new patch pumps like the Jewel pump or maybe the newer generation Omni due soon maybe even with integrated Dexcom.

just wait the Coz is still very good.

Franco, I’ll probably do just what you’re doing, too. Tick tock tick tock …

I hadn't considered that as an option. I wonder how long it takes to get a pump if the Cozmo has problems. The thought of going back to shots isn't very attractive to me.