What are your 7, 14, and 30 day meter averages? Keeping it real

What are the averages in your meter right now? I’m not interested in any competition here, just an effort to focus on how you’re doing :wink: More interested in the competition that you have with yourself!

Here are mine:

7 day average: 113 (6.3)
14 day avgerage: 103 (5.7)
30 day average: 103 (5.7)

Happy solstice everyone!

We’ve all been through the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to controlling our BGs. I’m going through a good streak now. Not perfect, I’m fighting a rise in hypos but I have a plan and I’m executing it now. Always a challenge, even when things are going “well!” Better is better…

Higher all the time. I can't seem to get my basals correct lately. I'm trying temp basals at different times of the day, but nothing seems to be working consistently enough to make a permanent pump setting change.

7 day average: 109
14 day average: 111
30 day average: 113

I started a pump on May 26th and am still working out the kinks. But I can see progress which makes me happy.

It's really tough when you're aiming at a moving target. Good use of the temp basal feature to "try out" a prospective basal rate. Are you writing stuff sown?

Looking good, Clare. It's always better to be "working out kinks," than it is to reining in a runaway roller-coaster! Your averages make me think you have this pump thing down. I hope you like pumping as much as I do.

Looks like I haven't been doing so great.
7 day average: 141
14 day average:138
30 day average: 145

Well, Sportster, you're consistent and it could be much worse. It's a tough game we play and each of our situations has a slightly different set of rules. Do you have any ideas to nudge it in a positive direction?

Yes, two things actually...I believe I need to bolus a little sooner before I start eating and I need to stop being so afraid of going low. As soon as I see my BG's dropping I tend to graze to bring it up.

Thanks Terry, except for a few minor drawbacks, like always having to have an extra pod, insulin, alcohol prep etc handy, I am truly amazed at how much less I have to think about D. Mind you I do have to think about properly packing my purse before leaving the house. I don't know how guys do it since the "man purse" really didn't go over very well.

Lows can be intimidating. They connect us to a primal center of fear that we need to survive real emergencies. It can be exhausting, however, to wake up that monster any more than necessary. You've made two very good observations that now beg for experimentation! Good luck.

Yeah, I never mastered the man-purse thing. My go-to bag is an old day pack. It's a bit too large for the necessary D supplies but I must carry essentials for my hypo-alert dog, too. It's also too casual for more formal attire. I'm always on the lookout for something a bit more stylish, however. I've looked at the Timbuk2 bags recently but nothing impressed me.

Thank you, Terry! And, how cool is it that you have an alert dog!

I count my blessings every day that Norm shares with me. He anchors my sanity.

I have not been doing well lately.

7 day average = 10.0 (180 mg/dl)
14 day average = 9.9 (178 mg/dl)
30 day average = 10.2 (184 mg/dl)

It seems to be a combination of things, and under the best of times I find it challenging to keep my average in the 7s (130 mg/dl range). I feel like I need to find some time to dedicate only to my diabetes, but of course life doesn't stop for diabetes.

You're right about life getting in the way of diabetes. Some of my worst hypos occurred as I was thoroughly engaged in a project, distracted by life, as the hypo stalked me.

Jen, I know how hard you work at your diabetes. And I also know how valuable it is to turn away from life's other responsibilities to focus on diabetes alone. I retired two years ago and in the wake of two D complication diagnoses last year, decided to make D my full-time job. That focus has rewarded me with some incredible progress.

Unfortunately. most people have to timeshare their life with other constituent responsibilities. It's almost like we need an adult summer camp for diabetes. Would something like that recharge you?

I admire your tenacity!

Terry, this post reminds me of my brother. He is a retired lawyer and very logical. He always asks me questions that I don't want to think about but that provide me good information when I do!


I expected the first two as I mentioned elsewhere I've had a big problem with DP and fasting numbers in the last couple weeks. But the 30 was higher than I expected as was the 90. So I looked back in my log books and damn if I haven't been having runs of the super high fastings off and on for quite awhile! Denial is an amazing thing!:::smacking hard head:::: I looked at my averages by time of day and they go down throughout the day as in 157, 148, 140, 110, 106 and 119! Someone complimented me on catching the DP so promptly. I'm now giving back the compliment!

Thanks for asking this question. I really hate taking more insulin (mainly fear of weight gain) so I find rationalizations for highs even when a pattern is staring me in the face.

I retired a month after my D diagnosis, though I do teach part time. I'm also single and often wonder how in the heck people with "real lives" manage it all! Cloning? When I had my Type 1 women's group I reminded the younger women how impressive they are to me and try and do so on here as well.

7 day: 121
14 day: 117
30 day: 128

I’m okay with this.

Zoe - I admit to giving you that compliment! Your candor humbles me. Denial is natural - it helps us cope. Reconnecting to reality, however, can pay real dividends. We are all amazing blends of strengths and vulnerabilities! Thanks for commenting.