What are your favorite ready-to-eat low(er) carb comfort food brands?

When I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes a year ago, I went on a strict low carb diet. When my diagnosis was corrected to T1 in December, I started using insulin and went a little nuts with the carbs. After a few months of blood sugar spikes and some weight gain, I decided to revert back to low carb. I stuck with it for a month or two, but found myself close to tears in the pasta aisle at the grocery store. The carb cravings were so bad, especially during times of stress and hormonal fluctuations. So… after succumbing to noodles and bagels for a couple months, I’m trying to find a happy middle ground of mostly low carb with occasional higher carb meals. However, I’m also remodeling my kitchen right now (we’re doing it ourselves, so the end is not near) and only have access to a sink, microwave, and refrigerator for the next several months at least. All this has led me to look for pre-made decent tasting low carb food that’s not in the obvious category (hard boiled eggs, cheese, sandwich meats, berries, veggies, etc.). Most of these things are too expensive for everyday consumption, but nice for a treat. I’m basically looking for lower carb comfort junk food that helps fill the void left behind by carbs. I’ve found a few brands I like, but want to hear your favorites, too!

Here are mine:

  • Julian Bakery Organic Paleo Thin Crackers (salt and pepper)
  • Halo Top ice cream
  • Katrin Zytomierska Organic Chia Knackerbrod
  • FairLife ultra filtered milk
  • Great Low Carb Bread Company bagels
  • FiberGourmet Light Low Carb pasta
  • KNOW waffles

Nice thread Itsa!

Smoked fish.
Really good cheese-try something new.
Siggi’s yoghurt
Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas
Almondina cookies

crackers made of cheese: can be store-bought, but easy to make in microwave

Ooh, how do you make cheese crackers in the microwave?


Good sauerkraut, topped w/ chopped avocado

Pasta=Dreamfields Pasta

Love this stuff.

I like dark chocolate.


I like dark chocolate.

the Ultimate comfort food.

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I like dark chocolate too.
Flavored teas

Popsicle brand sugar free popsicles
Quest bars
Moon cheese/freeze-dried cheese
Cheese in general
Halo Top

For convenience foods (since the OP mentioned being in a limited kitchen), most frozen meals tend to be pretty carb heavy, but I’ve found Healthy Choice Simply Steamers makes a couple of chicken and veggie options that are low carb. They are also fairly low calorie though (about 200), so not enough for a full meal unless you supplement with other stuff.

Enlightened bars…

High Cocoa Dark Chocolate, Like Endangered Species Panther Bar
Healthy Times Seitan
Avocado with Thousand Island Dressing
Macadamia Nuts
Almond/Peanut Butter on Celery or Crackers or ???
Amy’s Frozen Tofu Scramble (This is great, 22 carbs, with Potatoes, Tomatoes and
Tofu Scramble)

I really appreciate you asking the question…I am adding so much to my own “try” list by reading the responses.

Hillshire Farms snack packs (crackers/cheese/sausage)
Sargento Balanced Breaks (nuts, cheese, fruit)
bear naked granola (honey almond) - added to my favorite low carb yogurt or cottage cheese
soup! some of the basics are not too bad (chicken noodle, vegetable)

I have to check the brand packages and update this post, but I think it is Bandelero or Bandelito that makes a low carb soft tortilla and there is a “Forget the Bread” deli wrap that I like a lot. Some flavors are better (carb-wise) than others.

I checked the wrap packaging that I mentioned yesterday and there is a lot of info on it. I am not exactly sure what is the brand versus the product name versus advertising jargon.

My current flavor:
New York Deli-Style Wraps
Great Breads Make Delicious Wraps!
Let’s Skip the Sandwich
Everything (flavor)
LOW-in-CARB Deli Style Wraps

They make many flavors (sourdough, rye, etc, etc). Some are better than others both in flavor and carb count. They aren’t super low (12-18) but they are big and hold together well.

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You’re probably referring to Tumaros wraps. They also make a lower-carb line of wraps that have about half the net carbs of the “New York” line. I’ve only had the whole wheat variety, but really quite liked them.

Other go-to low carb bread options for me are Flatout flatbreads and Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat tortillas. They tend to treat me really well.

Probably in the “obvious” category but it is what we eat.

Hard boiled egg. Boil a dozen at a time and keep them in a bowl in the fridge ready to grab.
Half a cucumber.
Sliced cheese.
Raw almonds.
Shelled peanuts.

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A variety of nuts
Variety of kind bars. However I do NOT eat kind bars over 15 net carbs thou. I stay away from the ones with dried fruit.
Avocado wasa crackers and pepperoni.
Plain 2% Greek yogurt with fresh berries and sometimes wheat germ.
I love this thread!

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And humus with olives on wasa crackers or with veggies.
Home Roasted chick peas.

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Thanks! I am definitely going to look for these.

I forgot to add Stabilyze bars. The chocolate mint ones are my favorites, and clock in at 7g net (total carbs - fiber - 1/2 sugar alcohols).

Also, Fage Total Greek yogurt with nuts and some berries