What can you eat for breakfast?

I used to eat a donut or perhaps some cereal. Now I cannot do that. So I have been eatting egg beaters,Egg beater, oh yeah did I mention egg beaters. I am getting tired of them.Any ideas guys.

My typical breakfast options are one serving of anyone of the following:
Steel cut oatmeal.
Whole wheat toast with avocado (the avocado substitutes for butter)
A bowl of Cheerios with Hood Calorie Countdown 2% Milk (the milk has 3g of carb for 1 cup).
Whole wheat waffles with sugar free syrup.
Home made breakfast sandwich - Whole wheat English muffin, cheddar cheese, bacon, egg beaters

This is washed down with a cup of locally roasted Ethiopian Harrar brewed in a French Press.

Are you OK with yogurt? My usual breakfast is nonfat plain, vanilla, or honey-flavored Greek yogurt (lower in carbs, higher in protein than normal yogurt) with ground flax seed or shelled hemp seed (both high in omega-3’s, good for heart health) and some fresh fruit (usually berries or banana).

Also some cereals are harder on BG than others. I usually find Kashi GoLean OK, but others have had some issues with it. Also, some folk are good with oatmeal (but I find it spikes me – oat bran, on the other hand…).

It may take some experimentation to find out what works best for you.

I find I’m best if I stick with eggs (regular eggs), but they can be cooked in any manner and I find omelettes are fine in their infinite variety. I can only tolerate one piece of bread of any kind, but eat good (artisan) type bread because I love good bread and it doesn’t make that much difference to my bg. I have a cappuchino every morning with non-fat foam. I come in just under 30 carbs.

lean shaved ham in a scrambled egg is good, or veggies in scrambled or omelet… sometimes I add one hashbrown [15carbs] for a treat. I cannot tolerate bread…too high a spike.

Egg, ham or other meat and a bit of fruit (couple grapes, cantalope, peach, orange), no bread, I would rather have fruit. Use to have toast but I get a spike so no more. No potatoes, no cereal. Breakfast is easy, maybe boring, but easy.