What colors do you suggest for pumps?

I have had a black pump, boring. I have a blue pump, sort of cool, and I am thinking of doing the purple pump. I want an orange one. OR maybe a multicolor. What is the pump color you want?

rick phillips

I have a black pump. I LIKE my black pump. My ancient pump, which was from 16 years ago was putty colored, and I didn’t like it. On my just previous pump, which was also a MM, I got a “skin” – it’s an adhesive backed plastic cover for the pump. Mine was a blue water pattern, but there are a lot of patterns available. The only problem is that they wear out – the color wears off.
For plain colored pumps without “skins”, there aren’t many choices. So you just hafta choose what piques your interest. Something you can live with and not get tired of!
Natalie ._c-

Ill soon to be using animas. I picked green as silver and black are boring and I wear a lot of blue and I hate pink…I wished they had purple as thats my favorite color…I would love to see pump companies come out with other colors and different skins even tho mm has quite a lot to choose from.

I like the mandala skins that MM has however not enough to have gotten off my butt to buy one. At this point, I am anticipating getting a replacement pump perhaps in April so I’ll see if I get motivated then?


I thought a bit about what color to get, Amy and ended up with the blue which I do like. But the funny thing is once I got my free skin and covered it, you can no longer see the blue pump. But the good news is my skin is purple which I love as well!

I bought and used a cool skin, it was the crayon skin and I loved it. The wife said I looked like a 2 year old. I think a purple pump with the crayon skin will be awesome. I have another year, but i cant wait. LOL

rick phillips

I agree, I like black. :slight_smile: My current Cozmo is black (or “slate grey” to be more precise, but it basically looks black), and if I get the Animas next (likely) then I will get the silver one because it matches the meter. I like the black Animas, too, and would get that if the meter were black. Friends tease me because I like black and greys, for clothing as well as gadgets, and they think I need to get more colourful.

I’d go for a camo one since I am a deer hunter. lol

I always did black or gray till this last one when I got a wild hair and went PINK. Big regrets.

I will wear my pump in many locations based on what is easier for me…but seldom based on if it is visible. I still work and pink sticks out like sore thumb agains a mostly black, conservative work clothes.

Do what you want and have fun. But next time around I’m going back to black or gray.


Snap! I’m about to get a green animas too, and what’s more I desperatly wish they had a purple one because it is my favourite colour!

My first minimed was blue, my second was purple and now I have the green Ping. Green lately is a color I wear a lot plus the face of my Animas pump has a lot of black so I don’t see it as obtrusive. My pump is usually in my pocket or bra though so not in the open.

Tried MANY colors in my 23 years of using them…My next one will be purple! LOVE THAT COLOR!!!

I am excited to get my green one but really wished they had purple! Its my fav color as well :)…If I could, everything in my life would be purple :slight_smile:

I plan to get the purple skin if I want to be purple on a certain day :slight_smile:

Picked up this free skin at the CDA’s NAGM Medtronic booth , Edmonton 2010 …also received a coupon for a free skin upload ; had seen a wearer with a skin of her 2 pets and liked the idea.By the time I tried doing it the coupon had expired …since I am a frugal Dutch gal , I have not followed through .
May use the this skin on my next Veo …PINK ???

Canadian eh? …have this skin for well over 3 years …keeps on sticken :slight_smile: …pump always has been blue , except travel loaners .

I have a clear MM. I have a skin it and change it every couple of months for variability. Currently have pink hula flowers in honor of our recent Caribbean cruise.

Why don’t you get a solid dark color skin to hide the pink?

How do you expect anyone to top that one! I might have to switch from Animas now.

I did black but got a red skin to brighten it up some.