What do you do to relax or pamper yourself?

i believe fully in giving myself a treat once in a while. or doing something just for fun to relax. and this whole new diabetes thing makes it even more important to be good to myself!

i love to bake and go trigger happy with my humble little digital camera, and my favourite thing to do is indulge in a nice cafe lunch and some shopping with my friends. such a girly thing to do but such treats work wonders for the mind.

what do you do to relax or give yourself a well deserved treat?

My Garden! I’m a plant lovin’ fool from April to October. This year I was given a digital camera so every morning I go out an check up on what’s new and take pictures, some of which I put on my http://www.phlaunt.com/jennysgarden garden web site.

Read with music in the background… also (though I haven’t done it in a while), I derive a weird type of fun off of pulling weeds from our yard. :smiley:
(not ANYWHERE near the level of accomplishment that Jenny exhibits, but…)

Once a month I get a reflexology massage. It helps with my circulation in my diabetic body… It’s a hour long… I love it too…

Gardening is one of the things I love to do and I see it as a deserved treat when I can go and get new plants for the year and it is also relaxing for me.

An all the time relaxing tool I use is reading. I have alwasy loved to read and I thank my mother for that hobbie because she is always reading.

I am into gardening. While I grow roses, and other flowers, my main interest is in growing vegetables, greens, and fruit (strawberries and blue berries). I have a green house so I start my seeds in February and start planting in April. I start planting greens in August, and I am usually growing something up until January.

In the Fall / Winter my main passion is deer hunting (we eat vension). I like getting ready for a hunt and just being out in the woods. I also enjoy seeing turkeys, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, snakes, etc. while out in the woods.

I used to be a big gardener till the arthritis set in! I really miss it, too. My husband still puts out a big vegetable garden, but he doesn’t mess with the flowers and that’s what I miss most!
I love to get lost in a good book! I read a LOT! Love Christian romance books and historical romance… will read just about anything, though. My favorite time to read is at bedtime… If the book is interesting, I might read half the night! If it’s not, it helps put me to sleep really quick… lol

When I am not playing with my son, I am probably building or fixing something. I love to get my hands dirty working on stuff. I recently took a class on metal working and it started a whole new dream of a workshop in my garage. I am saving up now for a welder so I can start building even more stuff! I am sure my wife will love the electricity bill after I get it. :frowning:

Sit in a nice cafe with one of my friends on Thursday morning ( week end on Thursday & Friday)

Have one of these:

I get foot reflexology done, I love pedicures but a little afraid of them cutting me, so with the reflexology you get a nice massage and its also very good for circulation

Gardening is my meditation. Love playing in the dirt! Hikes in the woods with one of my dogs also relaxes me. Reading, music & long hot soaks in the tub with old fashioned epsom salts & some essential oils added.

For pampering–a massage.

play wii! who plays wii here? give me numbers! (if you are a wii player you know what i am talking about)

I play Wii and do guitar hero competitions :slight_smile: