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OK sometimes I have a weird sense of humor. I already have a diabetic tattoo it’s my avatar. So I am getting ready to inject and the thought for my next tattoo comes to mind. How about a dart board on my tummy?? It makes me laugh, if I get it I will giggle at every injection and get to play darts. ROFLMAO

OMG! I just about fell out of my chair laughing! That’s too funny! I have tattoos, one on my side, and I know that I cannot use it for infusion sites… don’t know about injections… I’d imagine that it would be the same way… Though, my CDE could only tell me that it wasn’t recommended but nothing beyond that… I’m wanting another one too… they’re totally addicting!

Check this out:


Just don’t aim for a bullseye every time!

Yea Elizabeth my avatar med alert tattoo was my first. My daughter is due now with my (Notice my) granddaughter LOL and we are all going to get her name in a tattoo. Oh, I mean by all my daughter, son-in-law and me. My daughter and son-in-law already have a bunch of tattoos. I was thinking of a heart with my daughter’s and grandaughter’s name with the words " Alway’s Daddy’s Little Girls"

There you go I love it. I want mine with more detail, then I can double on and off LOL

No bullseye I played darts for a little while, so I was thinking 301 or 501 a great way to rotate sites. LOL

That would work!

I think it’s a great idea, but then again I’ve been told that I have a weird sense of humor also. I am curious about this though as I’ve always heard that tattoos near injection sites aren’t a good idea. If I were on MDI still I would strongly consider the same thing since as an added bonus it could help me find the right injection spot (maybe I’d get a calendar instead . . . )

Yup. Sign me up!
Hilarious. I love this kind of humor. Laugh in the face of adversity.

Funny idea. Or what about an arrow with a small sign reading “Insert Here”.


I know instead of an arrow a syringe LOL

I’m sure you’ve certainly had enough practice with needles in your tummy!

I’ve only been diabetic for 1 1/2 years, but sure had a lot of practice. LOL