What food do you miss the most?

The food that I miss the most is corn on the cob. I haven’t had any in about a year. Someday if my bs ever stays normal I may try it again.

Well, this is so easy, I would like to announce to you all that I, the confirmed chocaholic, has overcome her dependency on this gooey substance. I now miss nothing. I like feeling healthy, hate fried food and meat, there’s nothing I really miss, cause if I really want something I will have it. What’s wrong with corn on the cob, it’s lovely on a cold winter’s night.

I miss chocolate - used to eat lots !! Things like apple tart/ pie , pizza , cakes, croissants and bread or anything with a crust !! - My blood sugars won’t deal with the pastry / flour content.

Also miss Fish in batter + chips !! - Chinese + Indian Take aways !! - eating any of these sends my blood sugars rocketing !! - and I also found that after I had eaten them I was still as hungry as before I had started !! - and could have happily eaten the same amount again !! - so because of this I try to ban them from my diet !!

  • Oh another one - Roast Potatoes !! - sorry can’t confine myself to just one item i miss the most !! Miss all of them !! - tonight I had to skip evening meal as blood sugar high - so this list probably has somthing to do with hunger !!!

Bread, muffins, toast

PIZZA…ahh i havent had any legitimate pizza in YEARS. its so annoying, everytime theirs a gathering of friends- there is always a bunch of pies and someone always offers me a piece. Such temptations :confused:

i also really miss Thai food and bagels.

I miss pasta and potato dishes. But, not that much anymore. I’m pretty focused on clean eating right now.

Bread. Yummy.

Why is corn on the cob so bad?

Maybe because Corn has a lot of Carbs!! - I usually restrict myself to about 1/4 to 1/3 Cup of it- or one of those mini corns on the cob!! - Lovely with Olive oil on top !!

Can’t you have it, as long as you stay withing your alloted carbs?

I have not stopped eating anything that I would have eaten before I had diabetes. Moderation, bolusing and exercise do wonders!!

I miss eating cotton candy

Pizza and pasta was almost a weekly thing. Now its more like once every 8 weeks. I know I could bolus for it and have it more often but I actually feel better not having it so often.

Big Macs from McDonalds :slight_smile:

Peanut Butter Parfait!!!

before i go, my family is instructed to go get one, and put it in the feeding tube.


rick phillips

Fricken cereal!

Other than chocolates… Native delicacies from back home that I have not eaten in years…Its rice cakes made up of brown sugar, coconut milk. fresh cow;s milk, cheese and honey.

Peanut Butter cups. All 3 in 27 seconds.
I don’t dare have 1 as I fear unleashing the monster.

Chicken Wings.

I can’t have corn on the cob because it really raises my BS. I’m a type 2 so I can’t make up for it with insulin. Just one of those foods I can’t have

I understand what you mean. Chinese food has the same effect on me now.