Do you miss chocolate?

When I read Kerri’s commentary on Cap’n Crunch earlier, it dawned on me how much I miss chocolate. I mean, I know we have all these yummy sugar-substitute-sweetened pseudo-chocolates that are available… but I don’t need to tell you about “the side effects” those entail, do I? :wink: (for more detail, I am talking about the ones with Maltitol, Sorbitol and those crazy Sugar Alcohols).

I wonder what other foods you guys “miss”.

Fries. Fries. Fries. Did I mention Fries?

As for the chocolate, I buy tubes of dark chocolate that come in little 2gm discs - enough for a taste, not enough to raise my sugars. They’re called Droste Pastilles, and they come in flavors to match every kind of chocolate taste -

Of course, if it was 2 gms of fries, I wouldn’t bother, because what would be the point? 2gms of fries is just NOT ENOUGH.

But for me, for chocolate, it works.

Dr. Pepper…no other kind of soda…only Dr. Pepper. Full powered, full flavored Dr. Pepper. I was addicted. Seriously. Giving up Dr. Pepper was harder than quitting smoking…

I don’t miss any foods!

What I do miss is being able to eat them at any time I chose, and without testing & jabbing first to make sure it’s ok.

I haven’t given anything up, I just have to fit them in around my insulin and make sure the timing is right.

Maybe that’s why I’m still having weight trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Being a somewhat sneaky liitle devil, I don’t miss out on any foods. If I want to make a pig of myself on chocolate (a frequent event) or some other naughty then I add insulin to compensate. Sometimes I get it wrong and underdose, sometimes I over dose but hey, that means I can have more naughty to compensate.

Having said all that, some treats seem to have a dis-proportionate effect, chocolate coated macaroon biscuits have 8.75g of carb in them. They behave like they have 50g of carb in them. The same applies with Picnic bars.

I’m still learning about what I can and cannot get away with. One day I’ll get it right all the time, probably on the same day I become King of England. :slight_smile:

On the back of a lot of the “diabetic friendly” candy here it says “May cause anal leakage”.

There is NOTHING good about that.

Anyway, I still eat chocolate. I just take insulin to cover it and I try to limit myself to it. Usually I do pretty well. What I really miss are things like pizza, fast food, and fried chicken. Those foods will mess with my blood sugar level for days!

I think I’ve convinced myself I don’t like chocolate. Whenever somebody offers me some that’s what I say. I think I must have had a really old stolen hershey’s kiss sometime when I was a kid, and I that’s what I think of when someone offers me chocolate. Ignorance is bliss in this case.

My weakness is oreos. I cannot be around an open bag.

Have you tried ordering thin crust pizza? That usually doesn’t mess mine up too badly. I have four slices of Pizza Hut thin & crispy yesterday with a bloodsugar of 127 two hours after lunch and 94 four hours after lunch. It’s worth a try!

A couple of years ago, I tried the SF chocolates and found I ate too much of them and got gastrointestinal distress. In the last couple of months, I have been buying 85% dark chocolate. I find (because I’m not historically a dark chocolate fan) that it satisfies my desire for chocolate and I don’t even eat a whole serving at a time. I’ve been buying a brand by Lindt, I think. It’s not too high in carbs (can’t remember exactly but like 15 for the bar which is 2.5 serv), I like the ingredient list (nothing I don’t recognize), and it’s available at Wal-Mart for < $2.

However, even better than chocolate, I love licorice, jelly beans, and sour chewy candies. I have not found a replacement for pure sugar.

that’s incredible! pizza is my hardest thing to dose for, which is a real shame because I LOVE IT! do you do a dual wave bolus? with pizza, i do a 30/70 or 50/50 split, depending on how much i eat. i have some success with that, but i can never have more than 2 pieces without skyrocketing.

I like Panago Pizza - they have a multigrain crust that doesn’t spike my blood as much either, and even though it’s not listed on the menu, they do have a personal size - with 2 toppings it’s under $4 Canadian. They also have a large variety of veggie toppings, which I really should try some time…

Actually, I just did a regular bolus. It might work for me because I don’t like any of the greasy pizza toppings like pepperoni or sausage. I usually get veggie or hawaiian.

I have tried thin crust but it may also be because I have ibs issues and it may cause pain which keeps my blood sugar high. However, I am going to try what you’re saying and get some veggie pizza, which I like better anyway. I may try making it myself too so maybe I can make it more healthy! :slight_smile:

I have never heard of Panago Pizza but that sounds really good! I think multigrain would help me too because it’s the white carbs that always get me. Now I am hungry for pizza! :slight_smile:

Hmm, well it looks like Panago is only in Canada. But check out your local pizza places, you’d think there’d be at least one with a whole wheat crust, or a multigrain one.

Reading thru the replies has given me an unexplainable craving for chocolate! :wink:

Interesting indeed, too: there are definitely foods that theoretically we should still be able to eat, even if you go by the Nutrition Facts table and bolus accordingly. Still, no matter how hard I try, I am never able to compensate for some of them. Potatoes (cooked in any form) are within that group. No matter how much I bolus after having fries, for instance: I am always high after having a few… so I never try them.

As for chocolate, I am starting to think Dark Chocolate could indeed be something to give a shot to. I haven’t tried it.

I miss “real” orange juice and lemonade. I don’t resrict my diet much, if at all – I still eat chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cereal, french fries, Chinese food, etc. I just make sure I bolus the right amount for these items and quickly correct after the meal if I go too high. However I stay away from sugary drinks – pop and juice, fruit smoothies, etc. – because of how quickly they raise my BS, I can’t bolus fast enough for them; and sometimes I do miss those. I’ve been drinking Tropicana “light” OJ for breakfast, which is pretty good and only 13 carbs per serving, so that helps.

IMO the fake-chocolate and sorbitol sweetened stuff is not worth it. It still has carbs, it doesn’t taste as good as the real thing, and it can (sorry to be so graphic) give you the runs. I’d rather just count the carbs on a regular chocolate bar, bolus a half-hour in advance to give the insulin time to kick in, and eat it. Requires a little planning but then I don’t feel deprived of treats!

Susan, Totally agree about the ‘fake’ chocolates! The carb counts aren’t different enough to make them worthwhile. They generally act a little slower on me, but they don’t taste as good and the effects on the belly couldn’t possibly be worth it! (Not that I’ve ever had trouble with that, but I always worry that I will!)

I do the same - jab half an hour or so early - it means the action of the insulin works alongside the action of high GI food… otherwise you go UP UP UP and the insulin slowly takes you down after a while. Much better to have the two working together and stay in a good range for the whole time. Well, roughly… You do of course have to test to know where you’re starting from, so you don’t go jabbing early, then get real low… but that’s easy :slight_smile:

Ah, definitely orange juice. Actually, I miss drinking juice for “fun.” Instead, I now avoid it at all costs unless I’m treating a low, and then I chug it like I’m at a frat party.

Everything else in moderation, I say!

I actually hate orange juice … too many bad memories of having it forced down my throat as a kid who woke up in the middle of the night with horrible, hypoglycemia-induced nightmares. But I do miss juices because I never drink them … they are really nothing more than sugar (a combination of dextrose & fructose) and I’m convinced they have little real nutritional value, but to be able to have a drink at a bar with cranberry, grapefruit or some of the newer, more exotic juices like pomegranate juice, or even have a glass of apple juice without worry about insulin to cover it would be really nice!!

I was never much of a chocolate eater as a kid, but I would absolutely die on a low-sodium diet … anything salty, soy sauce, canned soup, V-8 juice … those are my weak spot!