What GIF makes you think of DIABETES?


I’ve been feeling pretty burnt-out with diabetes this week. I need some fun and inspiration. So here’s a challenge:

Find an animated GIF that makes you think of diabetes.

I’ll start with mine. This week, diabetes has me like:

If you are unsure how to share animated GIF files, here’s an easy cheat sheet:

  • Google any word or phrase and add the word “GIF” to the query.
  • Use the image-search function to find all of the animated GIFs that reflect your search.
  • Click “view image” to see the image and just the image. In your URL bar you’ll see an address that ends with “.gif”
  • Paste that URL (that ends with .gif) into the forum here and TuDiabetes will embed it into your post. Easy!


Treating a hypo…


When your health insurance company asks you if still need insulin to manage your son’s type 1 diabetes…


Checking my BGs after a lunch that I horribly under-estimated the carb count:


Bolused, exercised, ate healthy, still bg is high today. LOL


Me, receiving “magical remedies” during a lovely reunion.


Ahahahaha. This weekend I was told that CAMEL SEMEN could potentially “cure” me from my dependence on synthetic insulin. My face looked a lot like that GIF.


OMG hahahaha we should make a list of great and magical remedies.


I don’t need a stinkin’ bolus calculator.


How would somebody start, would they buy the camel a couple of drinks?


I’m not real sure, but it sounds like it might really hurt and something normally seen in Tijuana. :astonished:


I suspect it would be much more expensive than a couple of drinks. It would probably require a good-looking female camel wearing scanty clothing.


When Wilford was ask if he has diabetes


How I feel after 3 corrections and my BG is STILL over 200!

How I feel when I realize that I have now overcorrected!




My fingerstick reading matches my CGM and they both say 93!!


Just found out my A1c – and it was good!


hahah this one is amazing hahah.


When someone says he/she changes lancet every day


Dealing with the “moving target”

Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I I get angry.