What Has Been Your Most Effective Way To Do A More Aggressive Activity With A Pump? Did U Choose To Wear It or Not? How Did You Manage Your Blood Sugar?

Topic: T-Slim Pump & Muckfest (Mud Obstacle Course for MS Fundraising) Last year did the Muckfest while on pens, easy to carry along supplies in a waterproof bag.Supplies stayed completely clean. This year, going with the pump. Many Questions for You'll:::
?1. Bag the pump & go back on shots for the day? If anyone has done such a thing for a specific activity, how much time should u give ur body for advance preparation, like come off pump 1 day or 2 days before or morning of. Whats ue experience?
?2. For staying more glucose balanced,preferable to waterproof bag the pump, mayb add a waistband to secure it more in, extra tape to site & go for it. However, value pump too much to get even a smudge on it. Nevermind explain to Tandem in retrospect how it may have potentially became irreparable. Pros & Cons. (Already asked Tandem & Endo, no need to direct us to such resources:)

I went whitewater rafting down the Snake River in Jackson Hole. Put my Medtronic in a waterproof bag I got at a local dive shop, reconnected and bolused when we stopped for lunch, put it back in the bag until the rafting part was over. No problem.

I would take the pump off just before the start and do a small bolus. 24 hour basal divided by 24 x 2. Then do the same amount via pen every two hours. For me, that would be 2.5 units every two hours. Assistant to help with shots and bgs. Shoot for 150-200. Be happy with 100-250. Mud will destroy every thing.

Sam - 4 wheel drive mudder since 1972. Bicycle racer since 1974. Mountain bike racer and diabetic since 1985. Ocean kayaker since 1990. Still pumping and shooting as necessary. Good luck in the mudder!

Which muckfest are you doing?

I see the t:slim is IPX7 (watertight), so the biggest issue is whether or not you can place the infusion set where it won't get ripped out during the event. Maybe get some opsite or tegaderm to put a covering over the infusion site and offer some additional protection??

Also, FWIW I have done a ton of things with my Accu-Chek pumps that have all been either IPX7 or 8. Snorkeling, hiking, biking, rock climbing, Hash House Harrier runs/walks, etc.

For me, I always found if I took an extra infusion set in a bag and a backpack, I was good to go.

thanks for comments. Diabetic Dad do you have a flotation device for waterproof bag in case goes overboard somehow? Havent seen any online. Like water sports 2.

Thanks Sam gonna do NJ muckfest for MS. You rock.

Cool Mike. Gd 2 know we r out there.

Patricia, The one I used was ,I believe, able to float. I'll double check tomorrow and get you the brand name.

Hi the Muckfest was awesome Jake ran the fastest in the group which was alarming until we found him snacking it up on the side w/ his BS 95, which was a welcome sight & much better than my imagination after he took off from start. Then he ran off again with his brother, who thought better than keeping me company on the second part of the run. Jake was the loudest and most happily going participant. We did lantus the night before, pen to cover, then back on pump in 24 hrs. Thanks for replies. Looking forward to next time!