What have you named your pump?

I’m getting ready to hook up to my first pump (a blue Animas 2020) and am curious as to
if anyone has named their pump. If so, what did you name it?

Yes, mine is Pip. It is a Purple Insulin Pump.

My daughter’s pump is Bloo (after the character in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends). It is, of course, a blue Cozmo 1800. :slight_smile:

I am not using a Traditional Pump…I am using the OmniPod and I call it Polly Pod!

My pump was oh-so-creatively named PUMPY.

It’s ever written on the home screen of the pump (using Cozmo software). I don’t usually address my pump by name though!

Hello! Mine is purple minimed722 its name is PUMPY O8. It is my best friend and life support . I love so much. Take care let me now what you name yours. diabeticidol94

“dinosaur” as I have an old Animas IR1000

My pump (Animas 1200) is Thelma, and my Dexcom cgm is Louise. I had a posting earlier this year asking for members to make name suggestions, and Rickina was the one who actually came up with the name I chose. Have fun naming yours.

I’m thinking about Clark, as in Clark Kent - Superman’s alter ego.

I’m hoping it will be my lifesaver and super hero :slight_smile:

Faster than a spiking BG
Able to correct high blood sugars in a single bolus
It’s a pager, no it’s a cell phone, no, no, it’s Clark!

What do you all think???

My pump is a Cozmo 1700. I have named it Duck. The name came about for 2 reasons.

  1. A friend with the nickname has been one of my biggest supporters and helpers since I started pumping and before.
  2. Like a duck, my pump follows me everywhere I go. :slight_smile:

I have a blue animas 1250 and I also named it “Clark a.k.a. Superman” after my favorite superhero!

I have the omnipod, but I still have a name.
I named mine “zoe” which means live giving.
I thought it appropriate since that’s exactly what it does =]

On my second pump and no name for first or second one. I am not that sentimental of a person. :wink:

My first pump, a Disetronic, was named Mr. Pumpy (I had received a plush toy pump when I got the real thing, despite being out of childhood by several decades!). My Animas 1250, which I have had for 1.5 years, is of course Mr. Pumpy Jr.

True story: my friend, who is an emergency room nurse at Stanford Medical Center, tells people that I have named my pump Mr. Pumpy, because she wants people to know that an inanimate object becomes special because it does such great things.


I’m on the Omnipod, and we just call it Pod. My nearly 3 year old will poke around on me asking, “Where’s you pod, Mommy?”

Fredwilma after the opposum :slight_smile: lol it’s a long story I have a animas 2020 in pink