What if your love '' girl friend or wife or boy friend or husband '' have diabetes type 1

im 23 years old and my girl friend that will gonna be my wife soon have diabetes type 1
how to care about her ?
she is 169 cm and 82 Kg ? what is the risk and how i can help her?
how i can make our life happy … how to make her happy ? … is there high risk if we want to have a baby ‘’ if the baby will be in risk or she will be in risk ?

i need help about that and how i can help her to have sweet life …

سلام عليكم محمد
هل خطيبتك تراجع مع طبيب سكر متخصص- هل تحلل سكر الدم بانتظام- هل تتبع حمية في الأكل - هل تقوم بنشاط بدني من الحركة اليومية-هل تعرف كم يجب أن تكون قراءات السكر المطلوبة أثناء اليوم-ماذا آخر تحليل للهموجلوبين ايه 1-سي؟-ما نوع الانسولين الذيتأخذه؟
السكري يحتاج تنظيم في الأكل والحركة وظبط السكر في المعدل الطبيعي ومتابعة مستمرة مع طبيب سكر متخصص- عندها تستمر الحياة بصورة جيدة

Hello Mohammed!

The best way to care for your girlfriend is to learn about diabetes, and to be understanding and patient with her.

You will be able to have a baby. If she can keep her blood sugar levels in tight control, there is very little risk to the baby. If you follow this link, you can read about Kelsey, a Type 1 diabetic, and her pregnancy. There is also a group about diabetic pregnancy.

Thanx Renee , really im so happy to know you and all people on this site …who i feel they are really kind