What I'm thankful for and my goals

I’m thankful for today, I awoke to a bright and beautiful sunlit day and have a many things to be thankful for. My cat Meiko who so cheerfully awoke me saying it’s time for my breakfast (smile). My glucose reading was high, but I’m eating oatmeal and going to force myself to ride my exercise bike. My goals for the week are:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Start walking- ugh- hate exercise but it’s part of the new me plan
  3. Check my glucose levels more often
  4. Write my meal plans
  5. Call my doctor for appointment for A1C check- have not had it done in a quite a while
  6. Go outside and take photos of scenery
  7. Enjoy life


Hello Cynthia-
I hear you on the exercise part- the only good thing about the SEPTA strike is that I end up walking more.
I usually end up with a round trip of 1.7+ miles to and from work, but it is broken up nicely coming and going, so I don’t notice it so much and it keeps me decently in shape.
However, with the strike, I now have to walk about 4.3 miles total to get to work and back. Mind you, it takes me a lot longer to get there, too! I recently agreed to early morning work out dates with a friend. I’m dreading it already- but less likely diabetes will wreck havoc on me later…

Hi Lane,
We sound alike (smile) I will be riding my exercise bike in a few minutes. I’m sure that the walking back and forth really works great just take your readings more often. I heard that the Septa strike would be over around rush hour today- I even saw the El train running down market street, but there were no people aboard. I’m sure they will reach an agreement soon. Cynthia

Hey girls…I will say that exercise is awesome for the diabetes. Also I find now that I am managing my diabetes instead of ignoring it lol, I am getting in shape and making more gains in my workouts at the gym. Where before my body would kinda go so far and Id be like blaaaa, now I can continue and push further.

As far as time of day…I’ve never been a morning person for exercise. Six years in the Army and I NEVER enjoyed 05:50 hours lol. I workout now at midnight (lol) after the workday is over. I work 3-11.

As for cats…I have an orange tabby whom I refer to as the Interloper. He makes himself very comffy on my side of the bed snuggled up against wifey and doesent often wanna give up his spot when I get home. He usually ends up laying on top of us all sprawled outand somehow finagles himself under the comforter on top of the sheet. He looks pretty funny when he goes on a stroll with me and the dog. The dogs a 110 lb rottie. I will stop and talk to a neighbor and the cat rubs against my legs and then wanders over and starts doing the same to Bear. Very humorous.

Hi Mike, post some pictures of the Interloper (smile) I will take photos of Meiko soon, she just turned 6 1/2 months- she is such a joy. I have never been a cat person always had dogs. She is sleeping in her bed right next to the computer table and If I move she follows me where ever I go- I feel sorry for her, If I go upstairs she is right beside me. Chat with you soon, cynthia

Now Im feeling guilty…I really need to exercise too. It has just been so dark and dreary over here that its making me so lazy…Excuses, excuses…I should copy some of your goals Cynthia…LOL And yes… post some photos of your cat Mikey (dog too). My kitty cat Twinkie’s laziness is highly contagious.