What is she going to say...?

Next Wednesday is my appointment with the Endo…
I found out a few weeks ago, that Dr. Lola will be moving out of the area in July. I am only 6 mos. into crazy & confusing disease. I still don’t know what in heck I am doing with my treatment…just flying by the seat of my pants. I have been less than complient these last 3 months, at times only testing once a day and just guessing at my insulin dose. I haven’t kept a log since my last visit to her in Jan. I just hope that she is fine with my numbers from the last few weeks. I’m scared to start a new relationship with another endo, Dr. Lola is the only one in my area and now I will have to travel at least 2 hours to see a new one. Hopefully she will refer me to someone really good in the Phoenix area.
I have recently bought some new books that friends on tudiabetes have recommended, just started reading the carb counting one…now I feel even more confused on carb counting…guess I should just stick it out and read the entire book, before I decide I don’t like it! I need to run away and hide on some remote island beach for a week just so I will have time to read all these dang books I bought. Grrr…I hate that I can’t get in a set routine to take care of my self, right now I don’t hate the diabetes, I hate how I can’t seem to get a handle on it…GRRR…again!
I took the bull by the horns and just called my endo’s office to see if she wants me to have an A1c done before my appt. next week…stupid nurse…“well, i dont have your chart right now, so if you say it has been 3 months i’ll fax a request to the lab”…why wouldn’t she get my number, pull my chart, ask the dr, then call me back!! Anyways, I will have it done before my appt and I guess that will tell the whole story. I have had 2 A1c’s done…1st was 11.9, 2nd was 6.9 , so lets hope for 6.9 or better!!! Whooo, I feel better after all that venting!! Thanks!