What is the lowest number you will go to bed with?

I refuse to go to bed before my BG is above 100. What about you?

if I am in the 70’s or Low 80’s I will have a snack … Higher than that I look at the insides of my eyelids!!!

My bedtime target is 120, but I will go to bed with it near 100 because lately my basal insulin is so spot on during the night that I wake up within single digits of where I went to bed.

If I suspect I could be dropping or if I know I have insulin on board, I will stay up another twenty minutes and see if I’ve dropped. If no drop, then I’m good to go.

Cant fall asleep if it is below 100.

I used to not go if under 100–but have CGMS now so not so worried bout it

120 is my magic number to sleep or not to sleep.

In general, I’m pretty comfortable in the upper 70’s or 80’s, when I go to sleep. Of course, I also use a CGMS, so I have an alarm, if the BG level is too low or too high.



If my blood tests 100, I will eat a sandwich beore going to bed. That is quite adequate for me. If it’s lower, then I will wait until it gets up to at least 100 and take a sandwich.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I don’t have that problem. Mine is how high will I go to sleep with without rechecking!

In answer to my own question, I will probably recheck in an hour or two after coverage if bedtime is above 380.

I don’t like to be much below 100.

70 to 80 here. You know when you have had it so long, you can’t feel a low anyway. i figure if I cant feel it I might as well share it. My wife would hit me if she saw me write that. (please don’t tell here I said that)

Really if I am 70 at bed time, I will be alright for the night. Below that, I wake up lower than low and the wife is put in a bad situation of helping me out. She don’t like sharing that part and it definitely does not make us closer. Some things should not be shared.


I hate eating at bedtime but if my BG is <100 I must. But that does seem to keep me safe.

A good number for Me! is no lower than 120 other wise i will be real low by morning.

Mine has to be 120-130. It goes down slowly or stays stable. If it goes down and I hit 70-80, I wake up, take two glucose tabs and see you in the morning. I worked hard to get those shakes and taste in the mouth at 70. For a while I didn’t have them and it was hard to know if it would take a dip further. So I raised my target, stayed there, and voila. I’m happy to have the signals back.