What is your Super Power?

This week my Super Power is Patience.
You may disagree but patience is a super power. When you want your BS to come down or go up – you must have patience and let your body adjust or respond and every time it is different. When you want to explain to your husband AGAIN what you can or can’t eat and he doesn’t seem to be listening, you pray for patience to get you through. When you start scheduling all the appointments and start juggling with your work schedule, a husband, four children and your personal life (be it what it may) it is patience that saves the day.
As I work on my healthy diet and watch for results in my BS or weight or just how I feel, it seems like the kryptonite has been brought out and the patience has become weak and without its usual powers of calm. As I wait for my meds to come in the mail, patience takes on wings and flies out the window.
Patience is the savior of my mental health. I can focus it with deep breathing, essential oils (Oh how I love you lavender and peppermint), music to distract me.
The Super Power of Patience cannot be undersold.
What is your Super Power.


Today I have no super power. That’s it, diabetes wins. It wins again. It is the victor, I am the looser. I hate it.


My superpower is running into things. I do it so well, Sheryl has decided to build bumpers around everything.

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Nice post @Marcia_Skidmore!

My superpower is silliness with its associated laughter.

I am routinely silly, making up little fractured tunes, laughing at the drop of a feather, or rain, or hat, or sunshine, or the moondrops. I am of the opinion that the only wasted days are those where I haven’t laughed and laughed heartily.

My workmates laugh at my silly dad jokes, plays on words, etc.


Why not just wrap you in Michelin tires?

My super power is to use a potent three-step cycle to improve my health and well-being.

  • Seek

  • Test

  • Adopt

I seek knowledge that may help my health and well-being. I test those ideas to see if they work for me. I adopt and try to embed in habit tactics that work and learn from those ideas that didn’t.

In the past, I’ve often discarded ideas because I didn’t think they suited me or that I doubted my ability to make them work. More recently, I’ve committed to myself to be more open and willing to at least give ideas a chance to work for me.

@Marcia_Skidmore, your writing about patience reminds me of my father. He made exercising patience a deliberate and good faith effort to which he repeatedly returned, even when he failed. Patience is indeed a super power!


@Terry4 how about:

  • Super

  • Terry

  • Adaptability


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My “super power” is knowing that I’m not invincible, and therefore don’t have any super power.

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I don’t have a super power, but I do accept what i need to deal with. And then go forward. 74 now hope to continue going forward.

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There was a time i was depressed.
Diabetes was not the only reason, I was not doing very well professionally.
With constant failure in my endeavors i started having typically depressive symptoms.
I got withdrawn socially and my health was also in constant deterioration.

The only thing which i helped me getting back to normal routine was Badminton. I understood how important is to engage socially and in any physical activity.

I am an introvert, so i try to avoid people. But with time i understood that one need some form of social interaction to have good mental health. I must confess that being socially and physically active can be a great medicine for people suffering from mental health issues.

You need to find people that are understanding and good at heart. This may be difficult to achieve but doable if you try visit different places. You can start with taking some time for hobby classes, this way you can also meet new people


Congrats on realizing the importance of exercise and in particular your interest in badminton. Your recognition and use of this activity to expose you to more social interaction is brilliant. Your willingness to reach beyond your social comfort zone demonstrates a personal resilience that is indeed powerful.

Badminton is a great sport!

My super power is learning. I recently did a free online course on preventing dementia with the University of Tasmania. It was so rewarding and informative. There is another one in February 2020 and I can’t wait to start It was very relevant and so interesting. We have to keep our brains and body active.

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I understand what people mean, even if they do not articulate it in a particularly clear manner.




Insensitive people are everywhere. So sad

My wife’s superpower is attracting cats. My superpower is paying for cat food. :slight_smile:

did someone say superpower?