What kind of exercise?


I have a question. Whag thpe og exercise would reccommend if haven’t done in awhile? I went from a standing job to one where I sit so exercise is a must


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I walk slowly around my block, walking my dog and watching the birds.


Depends a bit on your age, joints, and the types of exercise you like. Choosing a form of exercise you enjoy is probably the most important thing IMO.

I absolutely love swimming. It works every muscle in your body, and it’s easy on your joints. I also walk often which can strenghthen your bones/joints. You can start off very slowly and pace yourself up to a more rigorous swim.


For exercise, I walk around the block a few times. Ha ha ha…
Joke aside, I walk 2 to 5k at least 3 times a week. More if feeling very good.
Some weight training is also good. Helps the muscles absorb the glucose.


I walk the dogs twice a day - about 1 - 1.5 km per time, that is not very vigorous because the old dog is having bladder problems and we have to stop and wait for him frequently while he pauses frozen for minutes with his leg up (he is under veterinary care).

I go to the gym and do weights at least 4 days a week, 30-40 minutes a session

I do a 30 - 40 minute treadmill session (intervals of higher intensity) 1 - 2 times a week.

I have started swimming with my 9 year old daughter. She can beat me at 25 m lengths. So I am challenged to improve!!!

I build walking into my day as much as possible (walk to and from the office), etc.

I have a sedentary day job!


jogging is a really good exercise for beginners


Depending on Your age and size I would say:
Low impact:
Water aerobics, swimming
Cycling - bike or outside if you can
All are low stress on joints. Pick something you will do. Nancy


Good List. I agree except for the bicycling. Doc’s orders, I haven’t ridden a bicycle since my first knee surgery in 1966—LOL!


I envy you that one. I have loved swimming my whole life. Right now, there is no easy way for me to get to a pool and I’m uneasy about swimming in the Willamette River (an easy mass transit trip), though they have been working hard to clean it up so maybe I’ll throw caution to the winds one of these days!



Cant swim…sink loke a rock!! But like you, have a seditary desk job at a call ctr. So do need to move this senior body alittle( am 57)



I should have mentioned sitting exercise…As my arthritis worsened, I heard someone in my PT group talk about finding a video of sitting exercise. I leapt on that idea and found several such videos on Utube. They have been a boon and once I got the idea, I expanded them with my own ideas.

Really, I had no idea. You can work up a sweat and get a great aerobic workout, too. If you add some 5 lb weights, the strength work is really good…Just check on Utube for ideas…

Best to you and yours…Judith in Portland


Play some music in the office and DANCE! Everytime you make a sale or do something moderately worth celebrating, DANCE! Look how they dance in suits!!! So amazing.


I was a professional dancer for 40 years…

So a little dancing happens everyday–in spite of the damn arthritis…LOL


Fantastic pics, @Judith_in_Portland !!! So fun! Can you disco dance like on soul train…if the mood strikes ya?


2 classes a week of reformer Pilates, 1 hour of weights and 5-7 times a week walking 2-5 miles per day. Y


I like to walk and do hand-swinging exercises at home. Its a very simple qigong exercise but can cure many illnesses. Just google “swing hands” follow the video. Simple and easy, yet powerful.


My grandfather, who also spoke Sicilan(Italian) would go for a walk with his dog. But his walk was different: dog wasn’t on a leash, and would tell him Italian to go ahead. Duke (the dog) would run to next corner, stop and wait till he got tk corner. Went on till completed the walk around the block


love biking too


All the small daily movements make a difference, I take the stairs and go for small walkes in the park nearby. Personally swimming once a week has made a huge difference for me, also on my mental state.

There are indeed many sitting exercises to find on the internet. Small1, have you been able to find some nice exercises?


Water aerobics is great,you don’t need to swim. They also have flotation belts so you can cycle or do deep water workouts with out sinking. Nancy50