Well, this is frustrating: T2 and illness

I think I’m probably fighting off some kind of cold virus or maybe a really attenuated version of the flu, who knows. But I’ve been running higher numbers than usual–fasting numbers in the 130s, which is higher than I like to be at ANY time. But I’m not on any meds and of course I don’t have access to insulin except that which is produced by my stupid pancreas.

So under the circumstances should I:

  1. Eat or not eat? I know that if I am going to eat I should stick to protein but since I’m already higher than I like to be I wonder whether I should just not eat at all. I do know to keep hydrated.

  2. Exercise? I’m not running a fever, and it seems like exercise is the only other tool I have besides food choices. I worked out for 40 minutes on the exercise bike this morning and brought my number down to 116 but I wonder if I should be resting instead?

I just know I feel crappy.

  1. Eat but maybe spread it out a little bit more if you don’t already. 2. No strenuous exercise, walking is ok. I know that it can be stressful and very uncomfortable to walk around higher than you are used to, but it’s best to do what you can to get rid of it more quickly which means eating and resting. Trying to combat the elevation too aggressively might prolong the illness. I hope you feel better! It is crappy!

When I am coming down with a cold my bgs tend to run 10-20 points higher. I am only on metformin, no insulin either. I think you still need to eat otherwise you will get liver dumps with huge spikes. I would try to tighten up the carbs a little. I know it is hard because when I am sick the carb cravings seem to increase. Increase your liquids like tea and water. I still exercise when I have colds. I tend to spike with exercise so I am careful to keep the exercise to shorter sessions. Most colds only last a week or so and then your bgs should be back to normal. I wouldn’t worry about the higher bgs.

I think you should eat and of course take on lots of fluids - your body needs nourishment to fight of the illnness.

130s are still decent numbers I think you should go easy on the exercise again to let your body focus on fighting the illness.

hope you feel better soon

130 with a flu is great mine go into the 200’s regardless of the amount of insulin injected.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I guess it’s all relative!

Eat. Lots of water and sugar free liquids will bring down your bg too. Remember too - you are sick so give yourself some margin to be a little higher during this time. 130 isn’t really a bad number particularly for being sick.