What to do when you join the Weight Loss Team:)

Hello Everyone:)
We’ve been growing in numbers and slowly shrinking in weight for almost a year now! There’s only one thing to do when you join this team. Be an encourager for yourself and anyone else that comes around:) We all need encouragement as we manage our weight/blood sugar numbers/ blood pressure etc.
Please post your ideas of munchies that help you keep your numbers down. A favorite recipe for a breakfast/lunch/dinner or snack.
Please share your past time of exercise too.
When discouraged… dont give up. Come share so that we can encourage you. We’re all here to learn and grow ---- thinner that is:)
We may be slow posters around here; but we do care!
Try to get up and stretch a little. Check out your portion control.
share your secrets to your portion control with us:)

I’m looking for hints. I’m already low carbing. I eat smaller portions, try not to snack and still have a fight on my hands and VERYslow weight loss. Less than a pound a month at the moment.Down about 32 pounds from last summer’s start point. I need encouragement. I’m managing not to break my rules, even on a recent visit to a Chinese Buffet. Crispy seaweed is nice with beef and loads of fried veggies. the worst thing I had was orange juice to drink. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t like cola, so that was the only choice left to me. BG was fine when we got home after the theatre. It would be easier to keep on top of thosse numbers if I didn’t want to lose weight. Most type 2 meds make you put it on, but the doctors don’t tell you that. I couldn’t lose at all when I was still using gliclazide. Now I use Starlix and Metformin and I’m being told I’m doing it wrong, but if I did t their way, I’d never get another pound off and probably put back what I have lost.

Favourite breakfast 100g wholemilk yoghurt, plus a teaspoonful of low sugar jam. delicious and quick to prepare.

Sounds like you are doing the best you can with the information that you have received. I too have gained weight once I was diagnosed. I have been called a liar when I brought my food journals into the doctors office because there was no way I should gain weight on what I was eating. I needless to say fired that doctor. Take it one day at a time and you will get the weight off.

It’s so much easier for them to blame the patient than to try to solve the problem.
Even my mother says I must be eating too much. At the same time my adult daughter, who sees me more often, says I don’t eat enough.
the only time I ever lost weight easily was on a visit to the USA, where I ate chicken and green leaf salad once a day and did a lot of tourist walking.Oh! and I’d left my Gliclazide behind in England. I no longer take gliclazide and the PCT (Primary Care Trust) has told me that i shouldn’t use Starlix just now and then, because that’s not how it’s prescribed. I read it’s test reports and it does put weight on, so now I have one if I think I need it.( on my reading about it, it’s safe) I did this morning, because i did a 45 minute workout in the swimming pool before breakfast and had some carbs in my breakfast afterwards.