What to do with extra Inset 30’s

I have a large amount of unexpired inset 30’s that I don’t know what to do with. I have not found any place that will take them. I know it’s not legal to sell them since they are a prescription item. Any suggestions? Is it legal to donate them while asking for a suggested donation to my son’s go fund me account (he’s raising money for a summer program). I posted once on pay it forward site free for pick up only on Facebook and it didn’t go well.

In many areas of the US, there are low cost clinics that help out diabetics. While most diabetics that frequent those clinics won’t necessarily be on a pump due to cost, they should be able to get them into the. Community to do some good.

Thanks. Clinics where I live don’t accept pump supplies. I would gladly donate them if they did!!

There are several pay it forward groups on Facebook.

Perhaps your son’s doctor might take them to give to his/her patients who need them.

I’ve tried a pay it forward group before, and like I said in the post, it didn’t go well. It was incredibly time consuming to make arrangements with people who never showed up as well as deal with weeks of harassing Facebook message begging for free stuff.

Unfortunately drs offices don’t accept supplies here for liability reasons. They must come from a drug/company rep.

Test strips and syringes are easy to donate because they don’t require a prescription, but pump stuff is turning out to be difficult.

@BrendaK…i found this online. I know NOTHING about them, but they do take pump supplies.


also found this… http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml

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