Donating Supplies

I posted to donate items for pumping and testing that I no longer use. The website took it off and advised me that it’s not allowed (due to prescriptions!)… and I overlooked it. I understand the liability.

They advised me to go to to donate. I thought, "awesome." Now, however, the site reads as follows--

Important Announcement

March 6, 2010

Dear Visitor,

We truly appreciate the many wonderful donors who have made it possible for us over the years to help tens of thousands of people with diabetes get free supplies and insulin pumps. We have received (and shipped) more than $1.5 million dollars in free supplies since the beginning of 2007. Without your generous supply donations, we would not have been able to help so many people.

Unfortunately, even when so many supplies were donated for free, we still had tremendous overhead expenses including office space, telephone and web costs, and our biggest expense: shipping all those supplies to people in need.

We have not been able to attract many donors who were able to contribute financially to help us with our overhead costs, and, because we have never had any paid staff, many grant makers turned us down. Most grant makers require an organization to have at least one or two full-time paid staff to hold someone "accountable" for how grant money is spent -- but will not offer grant money for us to hire staff.

It has now become necessary for us to change our business model and find new and more cost-effective ways to help people in need. As we work on changing our organizational structure, we regret that we are unable to accept any new applications for assistance or any more in-kind donations at this time.

Please be advised that until further notice, any applications or gift in-kind donations received after March 15, 2010 will not be acknowledged.

We are accepting financial donations, which are still tax deductible (we will send a receipt for all financial donations.) All financial donations will be used to help us ship remaining supplies to free clinics in the U.S., and to build reserves so that we can hire the staff necessary to run an organization the size of iPump.

If you wish to help us fund our future goals, CLICK HERE to make tax-deductible donation.

We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to find new ways to forge ahead with our mission. For now, we entourage you to contact free clinics or your local JDRF chapter representative to see where you may be able to donate your spare diabetes supplies.

We wish to express our deepest appreciation to all those who sent us supplies. Your kindness and compassion enabled us to help many people with diabetes in 46 states.


The iPump Board of Directors

I finding this very frustrating. My DOCTORS, EDUCATORS, NURSES, LOCAL CHARITIES (BOTH RELIGIOUS AND NOT) .... and NO ONE can accept these donations and distribute them!!!

YOU MEAN TO TELL ME AN ENDOCRINOLOGIST office can't take donations? They use "pharmaceutical" donations directly from the expensive companies and use them for trials, training, and to help those with pending or in-transit supply deliveries.. BUT THEY CAN'T ACCEPT MY FLIPPING STUFF???!

Anyone whose current doctor's office accepts supplies, anywhere in the continental US... let me know, and I'll incur the cost of shipping them so SOMEONE IN NEED CAN HAVE THEM AND IT'LL GO TO GOOD USE...

What else, the garbage can??! Seriously??!

--SOoooooo frustrated!

Welcome to life.

Glad to see you’re trying to live it a different way.

My local diabetes center accepts donations. That’s how I got my OmniPod and 90 (yes, you read that right) Pods free of charge. What a life saver! It’s disgusting that people can’t donate these items to their local medical offices.

Sad but too true! Everything cost money.

Liability is def. the major reason. I used to work in a deli, and at the end of the night we would throw away heaps of food. Liability was the reason why we didnt ( I offered) drive it down to a food bank or shelter. Someone gets sick, they can sue you and will probably win. Its unfortunate, but its the direction this country took, for the worse in my opinion

It is very frustrating to me too. :frowning:
We have created this category in the forum where you can post about non-prescription items, as glucometers and strips: Free, unused, non-expired, non-prescription diabetes supplies

For the non-prescription items it works well.

Try They may take them.

Dang, if I had seen this earlier… I’d be happy to take any donations you’ve got.

I live in Ghana, W. Africa and I collect diabetic supplies for free distribution to the T1 children who don’t have it. We have been blessed because we can afford to give our t1 daughter the best care possible – of course, within the limitations of the country – and nearly 2 years into this (6/25) she’s a happy, healthy 9 year old.

I’m a relative newbie to tudiabetes, primarily posting over on the childrenwithdiabetes website but I’m legit. :slight_smile: You can read my blog called Too Sweet Girl in Ghana (just google it); early on I discussed conditions here. In a word: horrific.

Recently, someone offered an Animas 1250 insulin pump for my daughter’s use and we will start pumping when we go to the US next month. That will be very exciting. :slight_smile: I am collecting pump supplies, too, and that is for Alex’s exclusive use.

That’s really odd… I used to work for a shelter, and it took donations of the leftovers from Panera Bread, every Wednesday night… no issues.