What Type of Pump

Hello All
This will be just a short discussion on my question of What Brand of Pump is the Best . I will be ordering a pump system shortly and I am still tossing it back and forth between the Ping and the Medtronic and thought I'd ask for some input from my friends online .
Any Pluses and Minuses that can br thrown my way would be great .

later All Roger

If you use 50+ units a day it would be wise to go with a MM723. It will give you
about 280u of usable insulin. On sick days this will be a plus.

I have had the medtronic and now on an omnipod .. my problems all existed because of having to have a device on my hip 24 hrs a day. After a year I was tired of sleeping with the device. No matter which device you choose there are lots of pros and cons for that specific device. The best pro is you making the step to take better control of your diabetes. watch the videos and testimonials from all the devices and decide what matters more for you.
Good luck ..

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