What were you like at 22?

So, as some people may know, I turned 22 yesterday (for those who didn’t know, don’t worry, there’s always next year!).

I found this question on another blog called No Pasa Nada and I would love to hear all of your reactions:

What were you like at 22? And if you’re not 22 yet, what do you hope you will be like?

I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s reactions. I just think it’s fascinating that at the same age, we can all be in so many different places… some of us still in school, others starting their very first jobs across the country (uh, that would be me) and others are married with children!

Hope to hear from you, either here or at Lemonade Life!

This is kind-of belated, but oh well.

The year following my 22 birthday included:
Got married (just celebrated 24 years)
Graduated from College
Got first career job (kept it for 22 years)
Moved to a different city (lived there 10 years)
Won the lotto for $10M
Rented first house (bought 1st house 2 yrs later)

OK, the lotto part was only in a dream, but the rest all happened and made 22 seem like a fairly significant year in my life.

Hmm… the year I turned 22…

  • I got my bachelor's degree (in engineering) -- three months behind the rest of my class, in a year in which there was an engineering hiring slump, and during the period in which (contrary to my reasoning in choosing my specialty) the industry in which I'd specialized completely collapsed
  • My parents divorced
  • After graduating, I had to move back in with my mother
  • With no income, no license, no car, and no financial resources (both parents were seriously struggling!), had to figure out how to travel cross-country for job interviews (the jobs never materialized, either)
  • I finally learned photographic printing (I'd been able to develop film easily enough, but without a darkroom, I could not print anything)
BTW, Reagan was President, we first started seeing homeless people sleeping in the streets in large numbers, there were still "welfare hotels" all over Manhattan, we were still trying to figure out the long-term effects of Three Mile Island, the Chernobyl accident had not yet occurred, and the Challenger accident had not yet occurred.

I was in medical collage with many friends,used to go to every art gallary in Cairo& concert,was in love and very happy. Now I feel as if in my twenties again!!!