What would you do?

It’s time for an A1C check. A few weeks ago I had a horrible respiratory infection and was put on Pred.
I had been doing really good but I’m sure the pred will influence my readings more than the hard work I’ve been doing.
Would you go ahead and get the A1C done or would you give it another month in order to have a truer pic of what your A1C is?

I’d put if off.

I would also wait a couple or more weeks. It is not exactly critical that anyone stays exactly on a specific deadline for the A1c. And if you do it now, the prednisone is going to give you a biased reading as it is something you don’t, presumably, take routinely.

They say the A1c is biased towards the latter few weeks so waiting a little while should bring your results back closer to what they would be if you hadn’t had the pred. I’d wait a while. And you know what hard work you’ve been putting in so, in this case, the results are only for your doctor … keep him/her happy by giving them a more accurate result.

Get it done. Then make a note in your test results book that you had an infection on a given date and were put on Prednisolone on a given date. The doctors will understand that you might be higher than you would have been without.

Infections can knock our blood sugar levels for six, and there is no shame in it. Just one of those things.

Hope you are feeling better now though.

If I waited for an A1C check till I had been clear of an infection, it would never hapen! Lol. I am constantly getting infections of one sort or another!

I would wait. Prednisone wreaks havoc on blood sugars, as we all know. If you do get it done, I would make sure they note your file that this A1C was done after being on a course of prednisone.