What would you have done?

Most people assume my high A1C’s is because I don’t cover or eat to many carbs or something like that. But I want to share what not to do as a diabetic even if it seems like it is for all the right reasons.

For almost 5 years I let my BG run higher because I thought I could not afford the lows. I have an acceptable reason and maybe it is a good one but understand I could have asked for more help and tended to my BG more.

Before my mom died she was dxd with ALS. Me and my daughters along with hubby took care of her for a bit over 2 years until we had no choice but for her safety to put here in a nursing home. Everyday myself and my youngest got up and went to her.
During that time not wanting to deal with any low’s I let my BG run high between 160 and 210.

After mom died a few months later my husbands mom got Breast Cancer followed by a stoke so me and my youngest packed up and moved to her house a state away my beautiful husband drove every weekend for 2 and a couple months years.

Understand that is was an honor for me to be with both my mom’s and take care of them I would not change it. Both women trusted me with there lives. I made the mistake though of never asking for help as my BG stayed high I started skipping meals just because of being tired.

This was over a year ago and I am still fighting to get my BG back to more normal. Since I have no insulin antibodies this is hard. For me I know the only way I had the strength to do what I did was because God gave it to me that is my belief. However I could have taken better care of myself. So as diabetics what would you have done to stay healthy under these circumstances?

Don’t do what I did if things like this ever occur the price is high and I am glad my moms do not know or they would feel bad.
Understand hospice care does not kick in until your are terminal and I could not leave my mom to someone who refused to have mercy or my mother in law to people who thought morphine was bad while breast cancer moved through her body.

The only thing I would have changed was how I treated myself. Since both dad’s are now looking like there gonna need care how can I take care of myself and help them when the time comes?
Be well and be loved

You are an angle Laura.But you are going to look after your precious self for us while looking after your loved ones.

Thank you Sohair I am trying to learn how to do that better. God has given my hectic life a break and I need to use it to the benefit of my health to show respect if you will for the life He has given me. It is not easy to learn but for the ones who love me I am trying.
In case no one told you thank you today for the care you give…thank you
Your loved

The kind beauty found my cottage
Came and knocked on my door
Left her kind scent
For me to cherish
The kind beauty is giving love
Love that will always last
In our hearts
The kind beauty has many names
One of them is Laura
Laura always
Knock on my door
And say hallo
( not hell…o)


:slight_smile: Hallo

My grandmother has terminal ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in December last year. My mom has been working extra hard, and taking time off to spend with her while she still can. My mom was diagnosed with shingles about a month ago. I haven’t been in that situation before, but my gut instinct would be to ask for help - in whatever form works for you. Maybe it would be seeing a counsellor (it can be great “me” time!), or getting a maid to help out with the chores, or asking a family member to help shoulder the burden of D by reminding you to check your sugars or cooking good meals.

Yeah I could have asked for those things. The main issue was not everyone is supportive of people when they are terminal. They get so scared the throw mercy and good judgment out the window. In my mother in laws case the lack of acceptance that nothing else could be done was the rule and medications she needed would have been withheld so I could not allow these people as well meaning as they were to come in and withhold the only meds that made a difference in her life. My mother in law thanked me for protecting her and I would again at the same cost. But I also could have been wiser like you said and found help. I am just not very good at it. Trying to be better at it.
Be well Megan and be loved