What Would You Do If...?

This is a question that I can pretty much guarantee that every Diabetic has thought about and has been asked on more than one occasion in their life. I know that it is the case for me.

“What would you do if you woke up and didn’t have Diabetes anymore?”

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What Would You Do If…?

Maybe first is to make sure that Im really awake…that Im not dreaming! LOL

There will be a few things I want to do:

First is drop to my knees in prayers and thank God…
Hug and kiss my family and tell them the great news…
Eat the biggest piece of blueberry cheese cake or a rocky road cake.

Long term…

Keep myself healthy and fit.
Establish a “diabetes awareness project” for my home country (although I have already started this)

HONESTLY… the first thing I would do, would be TEST my Blood Sugar, then pitch myself and go back to bed and rest for a long day ahead!

WOW! I would hug and kiss my grandkids and say ‘grandma is going to be around for a long long time.’ After all the experience, it probably would be hard to say bye to my doctor but not to my checkbook. Bring it on! LOL