Whatever happened to the infrared monitor development?

Many years ago the diabetes team that I had informed me that there was a new meter concept coming. It was supposed to be a wrist watch style and be capable of monitoring our sugars through or under a infrared light. Has this already been mentioned on tudiabetes? I know I’m not making this up. Does any one have any info on this one?

I remember my endocronologist telling me that he went and spoke before the FDA on this one, and he said they turned it down, stating more trials needed. He said it was quite a ways off, because it would go to hospital trials before it ever came to individual use. This has been a few years back now. I’m guessing it has taken a back burner since the cgm has come out.

I really wish they would seriously take a look at this one. Just think, no more finger pricking and carrying around a monitor or being attached to one. I still hope for this one to come out but then again the meter companies wouldn’t make money on the strips.

With technology advancing as fast as it has over the last twenty years, one would think it would be a reality by now.

With the money the meter companies are making off strips, why would they pay to develop a product that was buy once never pay again?

End of story, I suspect.

Does any one know the name of the company that came up with the idea and where are they located? I’m not sure as to where to search on the web. I’ll try. Maybe the info can be found under patents or inventions?

Try searching Scott Stumello’s blog. He tracks all the business news about diabetes products, current or upcoming.


Thank you so much!

Does anyone know if the glucowatch is what I’m asking about? Does it or did it have an infrared sensor device?

There have been a few companies that have tried. One promising one was actually purchased by Motorola and the company talked about having a stripless meter that was paired with the cell connection that could relay back to a doc or elsewhere. After the company was integrated into Motorola, that was the last I heard of the technology and related patents.

So it appears I was incorrect. Motorola made an investment in http://www.nirdiagnostics.com/ and since then, no one has heard much about that company’s efforts. Reading through the press releases makes the company seem like a really small player that sold off any good tech to Motorola and LifeScan.

Hi Mike!
Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that other companies were working on the same concept. I really want to get to the bottom on this question. I really have a problem with something foreign being attached to me. I know others feel the same way too. I do believe the CGMS is a great idea in concept but as with the pump, it’s foreign to me. Everyone else is brave to use one. I just realized I contradicted myself. LOL I use a prosthetic leg! I guess my political career is over! Oh well… :slight_smile: