What's Going On? a1c goes from 13.3 to 6.3 in 3 months?

After a quick search, I can see that I’m not the only one with “remarkable” results in only 3 months. I’d like to hear first-hand accounts from others. Here’s my short story.

Diagnosed with type 2 three months ago. Multiple tests 13.3 a1c. Cholesterol at 249. Low Vitamin D.

Immediate diet changes. All sugar beverages eliminated cold-turkey. Oatmeal every day for breakfast (I HATE oatmeal). Strict limit of carbs to 70-90g per meal.

Exercise: No change. Walked the dog daily for 30 minutes. No cardio.

Drugs: 1000mg metformin daily. 2.5mg glyburide daily. 80mg asprin daily. 40mg simvastatin daily for cholestorol

Weight: gained 5 lbs.

Now a1c=6.3 and cholesterol = 149 in 3 months.

How is this possible in 3 months? All my Doctor could say was quote “Remarkable”. I echo the frustration with doctors. I really don’t want to be a remarkable experiment. I want to know WHY. What is the significant cause and effect?

So much data seems to be missing for diabetics and we have to rely on stories. If I hadn’t found resources on the web, I wouldn’t have known the significant impact of carbs as my so-called diabetes educator team + dietitian was lacking as I threw out their diet as a failure.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for these results. But, I’m shocked at the realization that my healthcare professionals are not properly informed about diabetes.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Congrats to you. This is the visit I have dreamed of! I don’t think that it is impossible to achieve those results but for some of us ( including me) It’s a little harder. Your sugar beverages were the leading cause of your BG’s to run high. Raw Sugar.

Keep it up and if you are uncertain of your healthcare giver, Get a second opinion.

Hi congrats! What you did is remarkable. The changes you made made a huge impact and you’ve got good control already. My a1c was 14 when I was diagnosed and 3 months later it was 5.8. My endo just wrote “good” on my lab results.

Welcome to my world!

I first learned how dreadful medical care was for diabetes a decade ago when my doctors told me that blood sugars in the middle 200s after each meal were “nothing to worry about.”

I learned about carbohydrates from reading Dr. Bernstein’s book. Fine tuned that with what I learned on the old alt.support.diabetes newsgroup. My doctors were screaming at me that I was going to give myself a heart attack with that dreadful low carb diet. I cannot tell you how many tests they made me go through to prove I had heart disease. All showed I didn’t.

There are a lot more of us with great control online now, but doctors are still telling people to eat high carb diets and to expect complications.

Very sad.

Jenny - I’m honored you replied to my post. Your site http://www.bloodsugar101.com/ was the site that made the difference for me. Practical answers about what to eat when cutting the carbs and how to “eat to the meter” are two of my favorite posts from your site.