3 months with the big D

And lots of major changes in my life - I've lost 26 pounds, adapted to MDI and the 8-10 (now more like 12-15) daily finger sticks, and settled into some diabetes routines. And then, another huge change - pregnancy. Unlike the diabetes diagnosis in January, this change is very much a wanted change. But still...it's a scary new world to enter, especially so soon after entering another scary new world.

I had my official 3-month followup visit to my endo yesterday (though I've had like 10 appointments in the past 3 months), but this was the big one. The A1C one. At diagnosis, my A1C was 11.8. Yesterday, it was

wait for it...

because they certainly made me wait for it...

and then almost forgot to give me my results before they left. I mean, seriously. Don't leave me hanging when I'm so anxious and want to have evidence that I'm on the right track (and by evidence, I mean tangible proof from my endo's lab that what I'm seeing on my meter is right)


I went from not even being on that little temperature gauge chart they have posted in the exam rooms to being firmly in the normal range! Hooray! Of course, my body celebrated that news with some unexplained BGs higher than I've seen in weeks shortly after... but I'm going to continue to take day by day, reading by reading, as I get further into this pregnancy.

Big congrats bardowlatry, on both counts! That’s a fantastic drop in A1C, and reflects all the hard work you’ve done.

Congratulations!! I, too, got diagnosed in January…so I know where you’re comin’ from in all this! :slight_smile:

@jrtpup: thanks so much! You know, yesterday when I was talking to my mom about it, she said “It’s a miracle!” and I got a little snippy because it has been a lot of work.

@Rosie: thanks so much, and congrats to us both for reaching the 3-month mark. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the great A1C and your pregnancy! You are doing an excellent job!


Congratulations!! I hope to be in your shoes soon.

well done, dont ya just feel chuffed when you get a great figure like that !! Hope the pregnancy goes really well for you too.

Wow – double great news – a blessed baby on the way and a beautiful bouncing 5. Fabulous.