What's going on with me?!

Must be going through something… So thankful and fortunate to have Dexcom. But why this summer I feel like I want to hide it. Wear it on my arms most of the time. Get tired of people staring at it!!! Never bothered me before. I also have become so fearful of lows. Had couple that took so long to get out of!! Just had to vent. I feel better now that warmer weather is here, but was getting depressed last winter. Mot like me. Does this all come with the territory??? Three years into it. Maybe because I am Lada and on basal only, and such a rollercoaster?? Sometimes wish it would just move on!!!

Hi Pa, hang in there. I'm on meds but lately been out of it and feeling sorry for myself. But after my A1C moved from 6.1 to 6.5 I decided to start working on me again. Not yet 100% but back to exercising (need to do more) and being careful about what I eat. I got tired of always watching what I ate and had a grand old time of "cheating" on my diet. I believe as diabetics we have our highs and lows literally!! So from one diabetic to another live your life and forget about whose watching. You're going to be ok :)

Thanks Angel!! I am usually very upbeat person, but have had some down days lately. I even have fear of driving sometimes, even with my Dexcom. The more I learn about this disease, the more paranoid I get!!! Lol. I think I also have a fear of starting MDI routine when the time comes.

Oh… And let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves!!!

And… It’s kinda fun to cheat sometimes!!!

I certaijly hope you test every time you get behind the wheel of your car. Just a short little lecture here, I've responded to the afternmaths of people making not-so-good decisions before driving. Anyway, I checked and you are female. There is a pump camisole - that also holds a CGM. It holds the device(s) between "the girls". I love mine, and am having some cotton cami/tanks adapted to do the same thing. There is also a thing from hips sisters that holds it around your middle - not o your waistband - so it is very discreet. Chceck out the insulin pumpers forum, you find lots of discussions and ideas on hiding devices.

Like me some stuff from tallygear - have been using the tummytote 2s to carry my pump and cgm. And since you are in the girls club have you tried one of the girls for your CGM site rather than the arms. I get similar results and don't have to worry about extra tape etc since I have it hidden under by bra cup.

Thanks girls for all the ideas!! All that tape on the arms gets to me in the summer! My sensor only lasts about a week on my stomach. And it can be uncomfortable at times pressing against belts, waistbands, etc. I am chicken to insert between the girls!!! Want to try my thighs, but am so veiny in the legs…

Check out the post about "I finally tried the left boob" - can't remember the exact title. But I've had great success using the girls. Since I pay out of pocket for the Dexcom, I want it to last and stick as long as possible. Using Skin Tac and using a "girl" and it is held securely in the cup of a bra, works great. Lots of discussion on that thread. (If I were tech savvy I could put a link - but I'm not) (You can probably find the discussion by clicking on my avatar - I had started the conversation)

You could also try lower back or upper butt. In either case avoiding the waistband area. Both of those would be covered by shirts or shorts.

PS- Try not to freak out about switching from basal only to MDI when you & your doctor decide the time comes. If you're already on basal, you're obviously over the biggest hurdle of having to inject yourself. Think of it as a better tool to control your current rollercoaster. (But yeah, it sure would be great if we could wish our diabetes away…)

Artwoman… I had read that boob sensor post!!! Very good info. Now to get the nerve up to try it!! Do you use any tape with skin tac if sensor is on your arm or other? I don’t mind it without tape, but my tape job doesn’t look pretty!!! Lol.

Thanks for info Roodgirl. And I will try to be calm when I have to add bolus!!! It seems like the more I educate myself on this disease, the more anxious I get! Have you ever heard of anyone going straight to the pump without doing MDI for awhile first?

I tried that a few times.. I had to choose sites towards the back. Moving it closer was not awful, but noticeably noticeable.

You're right Pa3305 feeling sorry for ourselves does us no good.

No need for tape at all. The edges of the sensor sticky-pad don't curl up at all. There is some "grey circle" when you remove it, but that's easy to take off.

I found that sensors don't last long on the stomach area because we are bending, twisting etc. Also, in the summer lots of sweating. As I think I said on the Left boob thread, I place the sensor on the hours of a clockface 1:00 - 11:00 if you were looking at the girls straight-on. I have had a sensor in one, and a pump set in the other. And the bra keeps them in place.