Whats happening to me?!

It's sort of strange for me to even question why I feel a certain way or why I have certain thoughts. You see I am the stronger one. I am the one who gets it done. I AM the one mostly in control and seeking to make it all better...yes I am the one.......or used to be the one. Having a pity party? No not really. Just asking the question that keeps coming up when I have days like these. Diagnosed with boaderline diabetes Jan 2006 and full diabetes in 2007 followed by thyroid cancer and PTSD (i was in the military)... and dealing with my daughter who is now 17 diagnosed with juvinile diabetes at the age of three (whew)... Now maybe since I am putting it in writing I can see the answer to my question.

WOW!! I tell myself, I was the one in the family who ran four miles a day, when walking 5 miles in the morning and 5 in the evening; eating bean sprouts and alfafa sprouts, and all kinds of healthy treats. Just trying to stay fit and healthy. Maybe this blog is a bit depressing to some, but it helps me to see that It's a life that I have been given and must take care of. I have seen my mother-in-law and her mother die of diabetes complications--my father and his father and three of my father's brothers too died of complications from diabetes. I dont like this disease and the taking of all these meds...but If I want to live and be with my beautiful family I have to do what is right.

Sooo now I will pick my self up and thank God for another day and seek to have a better one tomorrow--

Life is all in the way one precieves it.

You have a place to share your concerns. In life at times we feel overwhelmed and living with Diabetes makes it even more serious. What you’re feeling is life stresses which we’ve all experienced. I can only offer you words of comfort at least I hope I have. When I’ve felt as you do I go into my valley of depression and give lots of thought to how and where do I start to climb out. It takes a while but I eventually do. I wish you the best in ascending from that valley.