Whats your fav movie and fav comedy movie; mine are 10 commandments and meet the parents

this may reveal a bit about you.

i joined robert deniro’s FB page (he was in meet the parents), and who else is a fan on his FB page? Manny!

i know this is a bit off subject, but i’d rather talk about this (just to balance things out!!) rather than the ‘suicide’ post on Tu.

and yes, i have sat in a car while someone was trying ‘to do themself in’ , and he actually laughed and said 'you are sitting here with me while i’m doing this??'

and yes, i did convince him to hang on!

and he is fine these days!

Zoolander and the great Gatsby. i like this subject Michael.

LOTR and Animal House

Life of Brian and Office Space

Pride & Prejudice (the long BBC version) and While You Were Sleeping