When pump sites stop absorbing

Hello tudees! I'm using an omnipod and having a rough week of what I THOUGHT was highs due to allergies but am realizing I've stopped absorbing in my thighs. That was always my go to area when my flank stopped working (right flank doesn't really work at all anymore). Has anyone experienced this happening and then gone back to the area to find that giving the area a break worked? I always alternate side to side but is 3 days not enough time for an area to recover?
I woke up with large ketones and BGs in the 300s for the second time this week and was really really discouraged last night. I'm reading through the archives to see what I can dig up on this topic but would appreciate any input. Thanks!

I fear I'm running out of available sites. my abdomen isn't really an option and I've never tried my arms

time to try your arms :)

I'm totally down to do that! I've read from a lot of people that it's a little hit or miss. WHat's your experience?

oh, I don't use my arms but it's because I use a pump with an infusion set and that line would be a hassle for me to deal with. I used my arms for many many years with injections though, and they worked okay. Nothing wrong with trying.

I use my abdomen most of the time and occasionally give it a break using behind my hips.

You're absolutely right, I just wanted to check in before I tried it because I've always had such an awful week of battling failing pods and needed a break

when you give your abdomen a break is it because you start having bad absorption in your abdomen?

I use my arms and thighs. My tummy is toast (it's on an extended 8 year hiatus) and I get no absorption on my butt and little on my hips. I generally go arm-other arm-thigh-arm-other arm-other thigh-repeat. I try not to use my thighs as much because I used them exclusively for about 5 years, so they need a long rest after being used (so it's about 15 days between pulling a site off my leg and putting one back on). Giving the area a major rest really does seem to help with absorption. I'd give your arms a shot! (Pun intended)
I have the Animas Ping, so it's a bit of fun wrangling tubing, but the longer tubing works great for arm sites (not that you'll have to worry about it with the Omnipod).

I haven't seen it that much but when I do it, it's usually before a big race because I want to save my favorite abdomen spot for the race. I occasionally see some rises but like 150-60 but never know for sure if it's the spot or the bottom of the insulin bottle or stress or day 4 of the reservoir or one of of the other factors. I guess I do the moves to exclude the site as a suspect.

I found this picture on diabetesmine of sites where infusion sets can go. I hope it helps. http://www.diabetesmine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/insertion_sites.png.

thank you thank you! this is exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I should have titled the thread "what's your site changing routine".

thanks! I've seen this, but now I'm gonna really scrutinize it

This is a problem that I've struggled with during the past year. As of the last six months it seems that I've solved it.

This time last year I was experiencing absorption anomalies including third day infusion site highs. That led me to try the Omnipod. I reasoned that it would allow me to easily try alternate delivery sites.

After 28 years of using various pumps, I was also curious about how well the Omnipod would work for me. I experienced limited episodes of pod change highs and finally figured out how to take a bolus just to bridge the gap in control. The pods worked reasonably well for a time and I toughed out any absorption glitches so I could give the Omnipod a reasonable trial.

Five months in I decided to drop the pod as I was having regular intermittent hyperglycemia due to pod occlusions and poor absorption. I went back to my old Animas Ping pump and experimented with some different infusion sets. I had been a long time user of the Inset-30s. I got some sample Contact-Detach (steel cannulas, 6mm and 8mm depths) and Insets (90 degree insertion and also 6mm and 8mm).

I talked with an Animas sales manager at that time. He is also a T1D. In addition to trialing the infusion sets, he told me that he had had some success restoring his tired abdomen sites using a loofa sponge when showering.

I experimented with the various infusion sets and using the loofa. I settled on the Inset 6mm and am still successfully using it to this day. I can't say for certain what exactly caused my absorption problem but it is indeed fixed. I'm thinking that the infusion set change along with using the loofa sponge restored the viability of my infusion sites. My last A1c came in at 5.9%.

excellent info, thank you. I'm finding that there's no pattern emerging with blousing upon the pod change. Sometimes I do half a unit and it's fine, sometimes it's way too much. I'll try the loofah!

i restarted omnipod on wednesday, using my arms..working great and i have very little fat. i have the new pod so it's very small, don't even feel it. my pump nurse, type 1 too, went from tubed to omnipod a few months back, he only uses his arms (to give abdomen rest from tubed pumping) is also thin, fit..no problems.

I have used my arms with great success. I find that it helps to use something to secure it to my arm, so I use one of those Bands 4 Life.

I have yet to try my legs ... admittedly, that scares me a bit. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm a jeans-wearer.

I'm stoked to try the smaller pod. I think it may help get to find new sites!

I'm a jeans girl and the leg pods do hurt a little more. I use waterproof tape to keep it from catching on things because it wobbles side to side a bit (i got chicken legs). All this talk about the arms has me stoked to try it